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Soccer’s biggest transfers of all time


Soccer, or football as it is better known in the UK, is a sport that attracts record numbers of TV viewers. From international tournaments like the World Cup, to fixtures in domestic leagues, it seems everybody across the world wants to watch the sport. Because it is so popular for TV ratings, TV companies pay teams a lot of money to get television coverage. Also, many big sports companies like Nike or Adidas sponsor clubs around the world to advertise their merchandise. Football is a very big business when it comes to generating revenue. As there is so much money…

The history of tennis


Thrilling from start to finish, tennis is one of the world’s most exciting sports. Over the course of 900 years, it has grown to become a game that has enthralled the world. Tennis fans love long rallies that build suspense and tension, leading many of them to turn to the best bookmaker for tennis betting fans to make it even more exciting. Whether you are a super fan of the game, or it is simply a sport you love playing on a brilliant weekend afternoon, you might be interested in the history of tennis. In this post, we will tell…