Things To Consider Before You Start Boxing

Whether you’re keen to get fit or whether you’ve always like the idea of contact sports, boxing is a really great way to get some exercise and learn a new skill. However, before you begin on your new sporting hobby, there are a few things you need to know. Here are some things you need to consider before you take your first boxing lesson.

Be Mentally Prepared

Before you take up boxing as a hobby, you need to prepare yourself mentally for what it involves. Boxing is a challenging sport which requires a lot of effort and a lot of practice. You won’t be jumping straight into the ring to throw punches at an opponent. There’s a lot of training and practising to get through first. You need to understand the right techniques and learn the right moves so you can be safe and protect yourself before ever entering the ring. As long as you’re aware of this before you head to your first lesson you won’t be disappointed if all you do at your first class is jump rope and learn how to bind your hands properly.

What To Wear

You may be wondering what type of clothes you should turn up to your first boxing class in. There are lots of different types of exercise gear out there, however in general it’s always wise to wear clothes which are form fitting but which you can move around in comfortably. After all, you’ll be up and moving through your whole boxing class and you don’t want any clothing which is so baggy or loose-fitting that it gets caught on things, blocks your field of vision or even gets pulled by somebody.

Eating Before Your Class

It’s always recommended that you never eat a big meal before arriving at your boxing class. If you work out with a full stomach the blood flow will be restricted to the muscles. This means the movements you learn in class won’t be powerful or as effective. If you really must eat something, have a couple of slices of watermelon or a banana for a small sugar kick but no heaviness in your gut.

Choosing The Right Footwear

You’ll need the right type of shoes in the boxing ring. Be careful about your shoe laces in particular. Shoelaces do have a tendency to become untied, especially when carrying out warm up exercises like jumping rope. If you shoe laces come untied you’re putting yourself in danger and could easily trip and fall, getting injured in the process. Always double or, preferably, triple knot your laces before you begin working out to make sure you’re completely safe.

Perfecting Your Stance

One key element of boxing is learning how to stand in the right way. If you stand incorrectly you’ll be unable to properly throw punches at your opponent. You’ll need your knees to stay soft without locking your legs out. Powerful movements require soft knees. If your legs become locked out, you’ll be vulnerable to your opponents punches as your weight won’t be properly centered. Keep that in mind and start practising at home before each class.

Wear The Right Safety Gear

There are certain pieces of safety equipment which are absolutely essential in the boxing ring. Wearing good quality boxing gloves is one thing you’ll need to get right from the start so that your hands are well protected, and also choosing the right headgear is also important. You need to protect your head especially when boxing because you could cause yourself some serious damage without it. A punch to the head can cause severe injuries or worse, so choosing quality headgear is vital. You can find more information right here about how to choose the best headgear for you so that you can make a well informed purchasing decision.

With these important factors in mind, you’ll be well prepared to attend your first boxing lesson. You’re sure to enjoy learning this challenging new sport, and you’ll soon be fitter than you imagined. Boxing is a great way to tone up and to boost your cardiovascular health, so get out there and start practising – you could be a contender!