Four Girls Trip Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank

Is there anything more fun than a girl’s trip away? A chance to kick back, relax with the girls and enjoy yourselves doing fun girly things! Whether you love activities, relaxing, partying or a combination of all three, a girls trip is the ideal way to reconnect with your friends, especially if you haven’t seen each other for a while.

Unfortunately, a girls trip can prove to be expensive. All those drinks, activities and pampering sessions can really cause the dollars to mount up, and when you add in the cost of hotel rooms, flights and meals, it could end up breaking the bank.

If you want to enjoy yourself with the girls but don’t want to spend a fortune, here are four ideas for girls trip destinations that won’t cost the Earth.

Las Vegas

Ok, so you may not immediately associate Vegas with a cheap trip, but actually you’ll be surprised by how affordable your stay can be. You can easily snag a motel room here for a couple of nights for just over $100, and airfares are affordable too. Or why not make it a road trip to save even more? Rent a car to see the local area or try out the exciting but free activities on the Strip without spending a cent. If you’re determined to try the casinos, the penny slots are a lot of fun without costing you’re the Earth. You may even get free drinks and snacks if you’re on the gambling floor!

San Diego

Are you and your girlfriends up for some serious exercise? Head to San Diego for an activity-packed weekend break that won’t break the bank. This city is in American’s top ten fittest cities, and with over twenty miles of coastline and 340 parks, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to swim, hike and cycle as much as you like. If you take your own equipment, you can surf with the best of them, and go biking through spectacular countryside. You’ll also be able to get some pretty affordable motel rooms for you and your friends.


If you’re really determined to get away from it all, get out of the country with a short hop to Cancun. If you and the girls really want to party, you’ll be in the right place, and as long as you head here outside of the classic spring break season you’ll find the motel rooms are pretty affordable. If you’re careful where you choose to eat and drink, you can save plenty of money but still enjoy plenty of great food and drink. You’ll also save plenty of money whiling away the days on the beautiful beach. If you want to try something a little more active on your girls vacation, there are some great dive spots found here that’ll make a great change from partying and sunbathing.

Camping In A National Park

The country is full of National Parks which offer great campsites and fun camping experiences. If you and your girlfriends are on a really tight budget, camping is the way to go. It’ll be like a big sleepover if you have one big tent shared between all of you, and you’ll find it an amazing bonding experience under canvas! You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy lots of free activities. Choose your site well and you’ll have swimming, hiking and other sporting opportunities at your fingertips, and if you have a car you’ll be able to get out and about to explore the local area without having to spend too much money. If you take a camping stove you’ll be able to self-cater for your entire trip saving even more cash when compared to the cost of eating out. The ultimate cheap girls weekend away!

With these four great ideas, you’ll be well prepared to start planning your next girls break away. Whether you want to sunbathe, hike, cycle, party or enjoy cultural activities, there’s sure to be something in our suggestions that you’ll all enjoy. Even better, none of these ideas will break the bank! What are you waiting for? Start planning your next vacation today and enjoy yourselves!