DIY Anything

You know your four-legged friend better than anyone, so why leave their treats and toys up to someone else to make? Look no further for incredible ideas for entertaining, treating, and keeping your little love cozy. has created a great place for you to dive in, starting with five fantastically fun, sweet, and easy tricks that are light on extra money and time.

Tire pet bed

Grab an old tire that’s too worn out to drive with. Scrub well with soap and water, then let dry. If desired, color with spray paint. Once the paint has dried, attach felt furniture protectors to the bottom of the tire. Place a corresponding pillow, dog bed, and/or blankets within the center of the tire, and voila — you now have a pet bed with a bold design that’s sturdy enough to stay in one place.

Muffin tin dog game

Take your muffin tin and 12 tennis balls, plus 4-6 treats that drive Fido crazy. Scatter the treats across random cups, then place the tennis balls over all 12 muffin cups. Present to your pup and let the treat-finding frenzy commence.

Cat ladder perch

Grab the following:

Wood step ladder

Sisal rope



Small cat bed

Area rug/mat

Non-toxic wood glue

Thick fleece blanket

How to make it:

  • Wind the sisal rope around the legs; secure ends with hammer and nails.
  • Take the rug and cut into step-sized squares.
  • Cut the blanket into the same length and width as the stool. For each of the four corners, cut a circle the same relative circumference as the stool legs, so that you have ties. Secure the blanket to the stool legs using the ties.
  • Glue the the cat bed to the top step.
  • And there you go! Your playful cat now has a cozy, fun, and compact jungle gym.

Easy cat toy

Grab a piece of felt or fleece and a long piece of twine. Cut the fabric into long strips, then gather all strips together into one stack. Roll out a long piece of the twine, snip, then use one end to tie the stack of fabric strips together in the middle. You can choose to hang the new toy up on a hook that’s just within your kitty’s reach, or keep it mobile around the house for instant playtime.

Two-step dog toy

Take a plastic bottle from the recycling and a long tube sock. Place the water bottle inside the sock and tie a knot with the excess sock length. Pups who love the fun of chewing a noisy toy will be well-occupied.

Written by Casey Dickson, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.