Bathroom Basin Materials

A new bathroom sink can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and even colors, which is what most people focus on when they are buying a bathroom basin. One consideration which is actually more important than shape, size and colour, is the material which you opt for. Now such is the production process of most sinks, materials can be cut, colored and moulded to your heart’s content, but each material does offer its own characteristics. To help you choose the right material for your new bathroom sink, here are the most commonly bought options.

Ceramic Sinks

Ceramic bathroom sinks are made from clay which is then blasted with heat so that the clay hardens. This is a material which is very popular when it comes to sinks, mainly because of their durability. The manufacturing process of clay sinks means that they can be made into an enormous variety of shapes, and just about any color powder can be added. Resistant to scratches and chips, ceramic offers long shelf life with easy maintenance.

Porcelain Sinks

Porcelain takes the ceramic process one step further and heats the clay in extremely hot conditions inside a kiln. The result of this process is a lighter and less porous material than ceramic. This is an extremely durable material which is typically white, yet can actually be made with whatever color you prefer, depending on the theme of the bathroom. Unlike ceramic, porcelain can be chipped if something heavy is dropped on it, and you may even find it susceptible to stains. This is easy to maintain and as long as you avoid damaging the surface, porcelain bathroom sinks can be a great option for you.

Natural Stone Sinks

One of the most beautiful sink material options you could choose would be natural stone, which brings earthiness and natural materials right into your home. Whilst colors do range, you cannot change the color of the natural stone, and in most cases this is exactly what people are after, nature’s own color palette. Maintenance for a stone bathroom basin is tougher than ceramic and porcelain, owing to its porous nature. Aesthetically this is a beautiful choice, it is also durable if well taken care of. As a result of these benefits, natural stone does come at a premium cost.

Stainless Steel Sinks

We often think of stainless steel sinks as being used in a kitchen, but more and more people are looking at bringing this material into the bathroom. Stainless steel is low cost, durable and easy to maintain. Additionally this is a flexible material which can be made into any shape and size that you want, which again is why it has become so popular.

Marble Sinks

Marble bathroom sinks scream opulence, decadence and luxury, and they are a truly stunning addition to any bathroom. The patterns and the swirling colors of the material, which comes from limestone, is a sight to behold and it is why so many are happy to foot the bill for this kind of sink. In terms of durability, marble is shatterproof and very easy to maintain. For the investment you make in marble you can count on a high quality sink in your bathroom for many years to come.

There are also additional choices such as granite, sandstone, travertine and onyx, all of which are high end materials which come at a high cost.