What Can Aluminum Tubing Be Used For?

Aluminum tubing is used across just about every industry on the planet from aerospace to marine projects, healthcare to hiking equipment. The tubing itself may come in a range of alloys, but each of those is well used and relied upon thanks to its unique qualities. Aluminum itself is so prized because it offers great support and strength, despite being just 1/3rd of the weight of steel. Additionally aluminum is resistant to corrosion, which is of course always an important quality for a metal or alloy.

In terms of aluminum suppliers Melbourne stockists are seeing a rise in the number of people and businesses investing in this tubing, and here is what they are using it for, and what benefits they can enjoy from this product.

What Are The Properties of Aluminum Tubing?

The main attraction to aluminum tubing is that it is lightweight and that means more volume can be bought per weight, than if a customer buys steel. The key is not just the support which the metal can give, but the ratio of strength to weight, which is what will often push people away from using steel on a project. This tubing does not corrode or tarnish and it is incredibly pliable meaning that it can be used in a variety of settings. Finally aluminum conducts heat exceptionally well which is why we so often see this material used in applications which require temperature control.

Medical Industry

In the medical industry we see the use of this tubing in just about every setting. This product is used to make wheelchairs, hospital beds, crutches and of course temperature controlled rooms where drugs are stored.

In Transport

Large scale engineering projects rely heavily on aluminum tubing and in aerospace in particular there are thousands of tonnes used every year. Given the lightness which we need from metals in this industry it comes as no surprise that airplane parts are often made using this particular alloy.

We also see this metal used across the rest of transport such as in rail, where it is used for hydraulic systems and fuel lines, as well as parts which make up the fuselage.

In Industry

Manufacturing is another area which heavily relies on this light aluminum tubing and the properties which it offers. Large HVAC systems, engines and refrigerators all use lightweight metal.

Even in the home we will see evidence of this tubing in action, such as poles for tents, outdoor tables and collapsable chairs. Additionally you may find it in your garden on items such as chain link fences, electric equipment and even your desktop monitor in your office space.

As you can see, this is a metal which offers a wealth of benefits when compared to any other option, and this is why it is so ubiquitously used around the world. Predominantly it is used commercially but as we have said, when it comes to aluminum suppliers Melbourne stores are seeing more and more customers buying tubing for their own personal use.