9 Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

Sometimes we can’t make up our mind to decorate each wall in a way that complements the theme and distinguish in their own way. At times, we might not find enough statement pieces to stick to. A lot happens.

If there’s a wall in your home too, that stares blankly at you; you might wonder what to do. There are plenty of things but the way is through. Just treat it like a projector and play with your imagination. Oh, just to get you started, here are nine incredible ideas to convert that empty, blank wall into a creative one!

  1. Marvellous Magnet Wall

If you have a room all for kids, a magnet wall is something they’re going to love. Whether it is a box of magnetic alphabets, or decals with magnet hooks, posters or stickies, smileys or boards, and pretty much anything or everything. You can also create a calendar wall or a timetable for managing their day routine; or maybe a homework pin board or a meal checker. Bonus, being detachable, it won’t require much maintenance and cleaning.

  1. Baskets & Plates

Hanging bamboo or plastic baskets over the walls is not a new age idea. In ancient times, when rooms were packed and space was less, people used to hang empty baskets on the walls. Adding to it, if you want to complement this rustic tradition with a slight cottage style décor, plates are a great addition. Just make sure, if you’re using china or crockery, you are placing them over the ledges instead of hanging loose. Of course, you know why!

  1. Consuming Collage

In case of small-sized wall, you can create a compact jam-packed collage of your favourite photographs, artwork and documents. You can create it with as simple as tucking them up on a board using colourful board pins. It won’t cost a thing. However, if you can spend a little, there are many beautiful cases and photo frames available in the market for the same, both fixed and bespoke.

  1. Stylish Silhouettes

Grab a list of your top interests and get set on. A silhouette is an idea that is extremely simple and terrifically gorgeous at the same time. It could be silhouettes of your favourite fashion. It could be your favourite food, or even furniture. It could be silhouettes of your kitchen room or your powder room. Pretty much anything. Simply scan, clock or draw whatever it is and get it printed on photo papers. Then, frame them and hang them on your wall. Your wall will look no less than a statement masterpiece.

  1. Graffiti Gatsby

Graffiti offers a sense of movement, illusion and creativity to your space. Hire a graffiti artist and get your walls designed in style of your choice. Or, if you’re good at handling the pen, explore the art with silhouettes, patterns, street art or landscapes.

  1. Magic of Mirror Wall

There are two ways you can decorate your wall with mirrors. One, to create a series like a pattern or composition. This you can do with different sized mirrors tucked to the wall at relative positions. Secondly, what you can do is, hang a single mirror with the help of a sturdy hook board or a cloth hanger. For hanging the mirror, you can use something like a strand of thick rope. In addition to holding the weight of the mirror, the rope will offer a country style finish to the entire room.

  1. Bold Black Chalkboard Hues

If you like bold, bright and gorgeous things, this idea is just for you. Paint the entire wall black and fill it with your favourite murals and artwork framed in white. If you don’t want to add black, deep dark blue, deep cherry red or chocolate brown are good alternatives too.

  1. Charm of Fabulous Fabric

Paper or paint can never offer the texture that a fabric wallpaper does. You might already know about the tapestries in decoration. This is just another way to use the fabric for decorating the wall. Simply take a printed fabric sheet and glue it to your wall like a wallpaper with the help of starch. If you don’t want to use the full sheet wallpaper, you can cut designer corners of the fabric, frame them in and tuck it to your wall. Beautiful, don’t they look?

  1. Zippy Dippy Stripes

Wooden planks when placed properly over the walls can turn even the dullest of spaces into luxurious ones. Cut and paste wooden strips over your walls followed by brushing with veneer. Ideal for your bathroom or kitchen.