Deal with Interruptions on PRINCE2 Projects

Every project runs the risk of being interrupted now and then. However, it is when the interruptions start to take up more and more time that you need to do something about it.

How can you deal with these interruptions on a PRINCE2 project? To start with, it is important to fully understand what the interruptions involve before looking at how to avoid them.

Phones and Social Media Use

The use of mobile phones, and social media sites in particular, is a huge challenge for every company these days. You can’t just ignore this issue but you can’t treat valued members of staff like children who need to be controlled at all times.

People love to stay in touch with friends and family in this way, even in the midst of a really hectic project. On the positive side of it, this could be seen as a way of combatting stress and keeping your team feeling happy throughout the day.

However, there probably should be some limit put on this. For instance, you could say that they can have social media breaks at certain times of day. It is a delicate subject but you can take some of the sting out of it by being open and clear at all times.

Breaks for Training Sessions

Another thing that causes project teams to lose time is when they need to go on training. Naturally, this is essential as your staff need to go on PRINCE2 Foundation Course or receive some other sort of relevant training.

The smartest move here is to try and fit in the training during quiet spells. The best idea of all is to arrange these courses for the periods between projects, as this is when you will have a lot more free time.

This really means planning ahead and sorting out the training that is needed before it becomes urgent. This is definitely worth the effort, as you can then concentrate fully on the tasks that need to be done.

Team Meetings

Some people love team meetings and others hate them. Either way, there is just no getting away from them. You need to update the team, get their opinions and help them to bond by spending time together.

Perhaps the best idea is to choose the time of day when it is most likely to not cause you a problem. This is why last thing on a Friday afternoon is a popular choice of time for running team projects.

You might also consider doing this first thing on a Monday morning. It often takes a bit of time to get fully up and running at the start of the week. So, you won’t really be interrupting too much by having your meetings at this time.

Noise and Distractions in an Open-Plan Office

Open-plan offices are extremely popular these days. There are certainly some advantages to this approach on PRINCE2 projects. It can help everyone to get to know each other and feel as though they are all in it together.

On the downside, the noise and distractions in an open-plan office can be a real pain. It can seem impossible to concentrate at times when there is chatter going on all around you or music playing all day long.

You should make sure that everyone is aware of their responsibility to not any or distract others. Of course, some people might decide to wear ear plugs or head to a quiet part of the building at times. There is no harm in this as long as it doesn’t break the harmony up of the team.