Plans For Boys When Flying Solo In London

London is a truly fascinating city which offers something for every type of traveler and as I have recently learned it is a great place for solo male travel. When you are traveling alone it is important to ensure that you have plenty of plans and that you know how to occupy yourself and this is why the British capital makes for the perfect destination. I recently spent 5 days in Kingston on Thames and to be completely honest I could have spent 5 weeks there and I would never have been bored. If you find yourself on your own in London here are some ways in which you can spend your time.


As you can well imagine a city as big as London is packed with sports teams and if you want to see the passion of the English you should head to a sporting event. Rugby and soccer are particularly popular here in England and throughout London there is a huge variety of teams which you can go and see. Soccer is my sport of choice and I thoroughly enjoyed heading out to watch Fulham play, the tickets were easy to get and the experience was brilliant.

Hotel Fun

It can be difficult for solo travelers when the night draws in, especially if you don’t have any big plans and this is why I sought out a Kingston escorts company who had a great variety of beautiful ladies to choose from. My escort met me at the hotel and we enjoyed dinner and cocktails before heading up to my room to spend the night together. This is a great service and one which will keep any boys who are traveling alone more than occupied for the night.

Get Groomed

Male grooming is big business in the UK and London offers some of the best places to spend some time and get yourself sharpened up. My personal preference are the Turkish salons and there are several throughout the city. If you have some time on your hands then why not get the full treatment and have a haircut, a wet shave and maybe even additional hair removal whilst you are at it. In my experience the service was just as amazing as the techniques which they use to clean you up.

Floating On By 

I have always loved getting out on the water whether it is the sea or a river and the Thames which runs through the heart of London makes for the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon on a boat. The Thames offers you the chance to see London from a different angle and unlike on the roads and sidewalks, here you will have plenty of space to stop and take in the gorgeous views of this city. There are lots of options here such as speedboats and larger vessels and there are many tours which will take you on the water and talk you through the city’s sights.

If you are traveling alone then this is a city which will be able to offer you a huge amount of ways to keep busy and have fun.