6 Reasons Why a River Cruise Should be on Your To Do List This Year

If you are looking for an exciting and fun vacation this year that differs from the usual 2 week sunshine break by the beach then why not consider heading off on a river cruise. Whether you sail the Danube, experience the Amazon or gently coast down the huge River Nile, a cruise offers you a huge range of experiences, benefits and more importantly, incredible sights for you to lay your eyes on. If you need any more convincing as to why a river cruise is for you this year then read on to find out just why it needs to be on your to do list.


Destination Overload

One of the key selling points about a river cruise is the sheer number of destinations that you are able to pack into your itinerary in a short space of time. Take a Danube cruise for example, in just 2 weeks you could have visited 10 different European nations as well as some outstanding cities with altogether different cultures and ways of life. If exploring different places is your thing then a cruise will be perfect for you.

Sights Whilst Traveling

Unlike when you go by sea, a river cruise will enable you to witness breathtaking scenery and stunning landscapes as you travel. This means that not only will your eyes be treated when you land in whichever destination it is that you are headed but also as you sail down stream.

Wildlife Exposure

You may not find any dolphins or whales like on a sea cruise but you will greatly increase your chances of seeing a huge range of wildlife when you travel by river. Much like humans, animals gravitate towards the river too and all over the World, regardless of which river you are cruising down, you could see some fascinating creatures. Take a look at this infographic about the animals you could see around the World’s most famous rivers. This is one of my favorite parts of a river cruise, I absolutely adore wildlife and there are river cruises all over the World which give you the opportunity to see some of the World’s most fascinating animals, the infographic below this post shows just some of the World’s greatest animals and where you can find them.

Short and Sweet

Because of the amount of destinations that you are able to pack in to your cruise, you will never be hanging around on the boat too long and most trips between destinations are short and sweet. Trips like this mean that you will fill your vacation time actually seeing the World and not just relaxing in the ship’s leisure facilities.

Intimate Experience

The boats which take people ion river cruises are considerably smaller than those that cruise the seas for example and this leads to a far more intimate experience with the crew and your fellow travelers. If a ‘city on water’ is not something that you like the idea of then a river cruise could be the perfect option for you.


In my experience of going on river cruises, I have always found that most are all-inclusive and there are no extra or hidden costs whilst you are on board. This contrasts greatly with sea cruises which seem to charge  for almost everything on board.

So there you have it, 6 reasons why you need to head out on a river cruise this year and see the World from an altogether different point of view.