EVUS Visa Enrollment For Chinese Citizens

EVUS is an online travel update system that came in force beginning November 2016.  This follows the agreement signed between the United States and China where Chinese nationals with a 10-year B1, B2 or B1/B2 visas are required to update their biographical and other information before traveling to the United States. In addition to a valid visa, it’s mandatory for travelers from to complete EVUS enrollment to be eligible to enter the United States through a port of entry. EVUS enrollment is valid for only two consecutive years where travelers can travel to the U.S. for multiple times over this period until their passport or visa expires, whichever comes first. People’s Republic of China nationals intending to travel to the United States can enroll on EVUS Visa For Chinese Citizens platform, and this takes few minutes.

How to Enroll

EVUS enrollment can be done at given time through the provision of their basic biographical information and can receive responses within minutes upon submission of the required information. However, some responses may be delayed even up to 72 hours, and it’s, therefore, advisable for travelers to enroll early enough to avoid unnecessary delays in the travel plans.  A third party who may be a friend, relative or a travel industry professional, may submit an EVUS enrollment on behalf of the traveler. It is, however, the responsibility of the traveler to authenticate the provided information.

EVUS Visa enrollment must be done in English except in some special cases where responses are expressly required to be answered in the native language.

Upon a successful enrollment, travelers do not receive a confirmation message either in text or email correspondence. Confirmation of enrollment is done through the ‘Check Existing Enrollment’ button on evus.gov home page. No EVUS enrollment print out is required while traveling as this is verified electronically.

Unsuccessful EVUS Visa enrollment

An administrative error may lead to an unsuccessful enrollment. This may include failure to provide complete information or filing inaccurate data on the EVUS form. A traveler who receives an “Unsuccessful Enrollment” response should call or email the EVUS Call Centre whose contacts are available on CPB website 24 hours, 7days per week except during U.S. federal holidays.

It is not possible to expedite EVUS enrollment and to schedule an emergency appointment at a U.S. Embassy as Embassies and Consulates do not facilitate EVUS enrollment or resolve unsuccessful enrolments.

Security and Privacy of Traveler’s Information

The U.S. government is responsible for all the operations of the EVUS visa enrolments website. It employs high-tech security measures to prevent unauthorized access and establishes strict traveler’s screening programs that are governed by the U.S. federal laws and regulations.