Etargetmedia Reviews – Why Email Marketing is Great For Startups

If you have a startup business then you will know only too well the struggle when it comes to marketing. On the one hand you know that marketing can drive customers to your business and on the other you struggle o dedicate funds to a marketing campaign. When I set up my small business here in Coconut Creek, Florida this was the conundrum that I was faced with too. I decided to look for a low cost, or at least cost effective strategy and after reading the Etragetmedia reviews, a company who specialize in marketing here in Coconut Creek, Florida, I decided that email marketing was the choice for me. I have had great success using this medium and I wanted to talk a little today about what email marketing can do for your small business.

Low Cost

The first thing that is worth noting is that when compared with just about every other marketing tool, email marketing is the most cost effective strategy that you can use. To start with, email clients which handle the large volume sending can be subscribed to for as little as $1 per month. I would recommend that you do this with a marketing company if you are able to because Etargetmedia for me were the critical success factor in all of this, they were the ones who helped me put together the content and they were excellent when it came to reviewing metrics and customizing the campaign to get the most interaction.


Social media ads are costly and PPC doesn’t get the interaction that many people are looking for. When it comes to email marketing however we can pretty much guarantee a click-through rate of 4%, meaning for every 1000 emails sent you can expect at least 40 people to get through to see what your business is all about. We are also now seeing that more than 50% of emails are opened from mobile, with just over 60% of those that are opened being engaged with in less than 10 minutes from the time that the email is sent. This is great information for anyone looking to post a flash sale or a call to action which requires instant interaction. Some say that this medium doesn’t work any more but the truth is that we simply have a lower click-through rate than in the past, this doesn’t mean that it no longer works.


To the uninitiated small business owner it can be tough to understand how marketing works and what we can do to better manage a campaign. With regards to email marketing this is not the case and even as a layman I found it very easy to manage the campaign and to study the metrics which I was able to view afterwards. This is far less complex than any other digital marketing strategy which makes it the perfect tool for startup owners.

Email marketing is a great place for your new business to start.