Jared Seyl Denver’s Reasons Why You Should Consider Working In The Insurance Business

insurance business

The number of people that is not happy with the current job is much higher than many think. We now see many individuals that simply want a career change. One of the options that should be considered is getting a job in the insurance business.

There is a clear increase in the number of job opportunities that are now available when compared to the past few years. The best thing about it is that you do not need to worry too much about actually getting the job. You usually just need to show that you have some sort of sales experience. Many jobs actually give you a payment based on commissions so the more you do, the more you get paid. Then, according to Jared Seyl Denver specialist, you gain access to really interesting perks, like the ones mentioned below.

High Job Stability

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that tens of thousands of jobs are going to be added until 2024 in insurance sales. You can enter the market as an agent, a marketing assistant, an underwriter or a sales manager, just to name some options. No matter the case, career stability is at an all-time high. Agent demand is constantly growing, mainly because of the fact there is a demand for long-term health insurance and care among baby boomers.

One Of The Best Sales And Marketing Career Options

When looking at jobs in sales and marketing, those that are in insurance, especially for sales agents, are listed as being among the very best. When compared with other industries, salaries are simply a lot higher. Combine this with the fact that stress is low, work-life balance is better and there is the future growth prospect mentioned above and we have one of the best possible careers for those interested in marketing and sales.

A Flexible Work Schedule

Those that work as insurance sales agents or offer support to sales teams can actually do the work remotely. There are numerous employers that offer the possibility to work from home. Employees are given a high level of flexibility. The only thing that is needed is to meet some specific objectives. It is possible that you will need to occasionally participate in meetings but they do not often happen. Flexibility is very high and you can easily enjoy more family activities because of this.

Being Self-Employed

One thing that few people know about this career option is that around 20% of people working as insurance sales agents are actually self-employed. In the event that you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and you want to build a business, this can be an option to take into account. You end up working for yourself so the schedule is completely up to you. At the same time, you have complete freedom in developing your very own way to develop leads and attract new clients.

To sum up, insurance sales agents have access to numerous perks and the career option is one that has to be taken into account by those that are looking for as much freedom as possible.