Tatiana Regan – Why She Loves Being a Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad

My good friend Tatiana Regan decided that she didn’t want to have a traditional job from the moment that we left university and so over the last 5 years she has managed to forge a very successful career as a digital nomad. For those of you who do not know, a digital nomad is someone who makes a living online and travels whist they are doing so, enjoying a location independent lifestyle. This is a lifestyle which isn’t for everyone of course but Tatiana Regan has really fallen in love with it over the years and each time I speak to her she seems to be happier than the time before and here is what she adores about this lifestyle.


When most people travel, they have done so thanks to saving up for many months or because they have received a large chunk of money, and in most cases, they travel for a holiday rather than over a long period of time. For Tatiana Regan however she is able to travel for as long as she wants and to wherever she wants because she is always working and therefore always earning money as she travels. This is certainly her favorite aspect of the lifestyle and it is one which I must confess, is very enviable.

Meeting People

After a few months of this way of life Tatiana found that she was missing out on something which the rest of us who have ‘traditional’ jobs have and that is work colleagues. Most of us make friends at work and many people actually meet their partners in the workplace. In order to overcome this Tatiana would start to work in co-working spaces and use the internet to meet up with people who were staying wherever she was. Over the years she has met some brilliant people who she can count on as friends and she has managed resolve the fact that she doesn’t see her work colleagues each day like the rest of us.

Working Hours

Unlike most of us who work 9-5 or even shifts, Tatiana Regan can work whenever she wants. She will of course have deadlines which need to be met but that doesn’t dictate the hours that she works, that just dictates the date by when the work will need to be finished. Given that Tatiana has always been a night owl she adores the fact that she can work between the hours of 11 at night until 4 in the morning. Furthermore, she also enjoys the fact that she can work right from her bed, sat in her pajamas if she so wishes, something which she admits that she has done on numerous occasions.

This is a lifestyle which Tatiana was clearly designed for, she loves the hours and the flexibility, she loves the relaxed lifestyle, the travel and most importantly, that she can manage her own time and working conditions.