How to Make Your Next Corporate Party the Most Memorable Ever

Employees at your company have been working hard for a long time and management has decided that everyone needs to take a break and have some fun. They want to throw a corporate party for everyone, and since you are such a fun person, or perhaps because it is simply your job at the company, you have to put the party together.

They have given you a good size budget and the mandate of making it both memorable and lots of fun. The pressure is really on you because everyone is expecting something really amazing. In other words, an event that people will be talking about around the water cooler for the rest of the year. With all this pressure, you really have to perform. So how can you make your corporate party memorable?

The smartest thing to do is to engage a top corporate party planner like Firebird Events. Based in the UK and with experience at throwing parties from Mayfair to Monaco, the company has a history of consistently producing spectacular parties. These top-notch party planners combine innovative, fresh concepts with years of experience to deliver high-end, innovative and creative parties. Hiring them is not only a smart decision, it might just be the best decision you can make.

Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing, for when you call Firebird Events. 

Throw an Indoor Party in Several Rooms

You can do a lot of partying outdoors, but throwing an indoor party lets you completely control and create the exact environment that you want for your guests. And you don’t have to worry about the elements.

One great idea to throw an indoor party that has several different rooms, each with his own theme. Imagine one room that is designed like a high-end discotheque, another that is set up like a cool eatery, and a third room that is done up like a laid-back lounge. Each of these rooms can have their own look, feel, and even music genre. Go all out with whatever themes you choose from décor to even how the servers are dressed.

Your goal is to make it difficult for your party guests to decide where they want to spend their time, so they go from room to room throughout the night

Hire Performers

Another smart idea is to hire performers that interact with your guests. Firebird Events offers a range of celebrity impersonators who can be hired for your special party night. They will talk to, take pictures with, and even dance with your guests. You can choose from a range of celebrities or even hire them all.

Keep the Alcohol Flowing

If you want to keep hard-working people happy and relaxed, bring on the booze. Make sure the hired great bartenders know how to make all of the latest mixed drinks. Encourage your guests to try new cocktails by serving them on trays to guests and even have a special cocktail designed just for the evening. The alcohol should be flowing to guests throughout the night and of course make sure that there are designated drivers so everyone gets home safe.

Give Party Favors

The perfect way to finish off the evening is to give a party gift to your guests as they leave. This can be a small or bigger bag of items that remind them of the evening, and shows the company’s appreciation for all of the hard work. The bag could contain toiletries, cool keychains, custom pens, monogrammed water bottles, and even homemade chocolate and pastries. There are also many higher end items like jewelry you can purchase if your budget permits.  Whatever items you choose, make sure to mix it up and try and put at least one really cool personalized party favor in each bag.

Having a memorable corporate party does not require that you rack your brain. It only takes planning and people that know how to execute. You only have once chance to get it right, so go with the experts and bring some of the ideas above. Everyone will be in love with your event and you too.