Using PRINCE2 on a Project That Looks Too Easy to Be True


Have you ever worried that a project looks too easy to be true? Maybe the timescales seem to be incredibly generous, or perhaps you can already easily picture the end solution before you get started.

This can seem like great news at first. Yet, you might also worry that you are missing something. Could it be that this piece of work isn’t quite as simple as it first appears to be? You will want to tread very carefully whenever a project looks far too easy.

It is rare to see any project that is far too easy to be true. However, if this happens to you then you may need to be prepared to take a unique approach to dealing with it.

Look Into It Further

Is there something here that you are missing? If a project seems to be very easy then you might not have all of the information on it. Without this, it is impossible to know how simple it is going to be.

Therefore, you should go back over all of the document as carefully as possible. Could it be that the scope has been poorly expressed or that assumptions have been made that might not turn out to be completely true?

There are many factors that could make a huge difference to the project but that are easily missed on first reading. If you are still unsure when writing the plan and other documents then this task gives you another opportunity to get to the bottom of the matter.

Ask the Right Questions

Maybe someone out there can explain to you what this project really means. The question is not only finding that person, though. You also need to ask them the right questions to understand exactly what this project is all about.

You should starting by making a list of relevant questions as soon as possible. If any aspect of the project doesn’t look right then add it to the list and wait until you get a chance to put it to the person who can give you a good answer.

In this way, you can start to fill in the gaps. You can’t expect to know everything from day one, but there are sure to be people out there who can share their specialist knowledge with you.

Make the Most of Your Free Time

So, what if it turns out that this is actually a really easy project after all? It is certainly possible that you have been lucky and a simple piece of work has been handed to you.

The main risk in this case is what is commonly known as Parkinson’s Law. This is the belief that any amount of work that needs to be done expands to fill the time available to do it in. If you let this happen then it is a missed opportunity.

Instead, you should make the most of this chance to improve your personal development. For instance, it could be the perfect moment to arrange for any PRINCE2 Training Glasgow that you need to become even better at running projects.

Do a Fantastic Job

Above all, this sort of project gives you the wonderful opportunity to do a terrific job. What not see it is a challenge to do the best possible project that you can, even if it means going above and beyond what is asked of you?

This will make you feel on top of the world and will increase your confidence levels for future PRINCE2 projects as well. You might never get as easy a project as this one again, so why not make the most of the chance to really shine?