Infor’s Social Network Of Companies Changing The Business World

Whenever talking about cloud computing technology we refer to the giants like Oracle or even Microsoft. In the ERP sector we add SAP and Salesforce to the list. The cloud is taking over in the business world. Infor is one of the companies that basically try to take advantage of this. Charles Phillips’ affairs at Infor have propelled them to be the third largest software company. Everything became a reality because of the focus that was put on the cloud and the creation of an ideal social network of companies. It is this concept that is incredibly interesting and that should be discussed in more detail.


Defining The Concept

It is not that difficult to understand what this social network of companies is supposed to be. We just have to look at Facebook to understand. Billions of people from all around the world use the social network in order to communicate with friends and family members. In a similar way, creating a company based social network can help the firms that operate in the same supply chain to be more effective.

Infor tries to offer a way for companies that are partners and that are connected in business with each other to communicate. That need appears because of the fact that communication channels used in the current business world are not as effective as they should be. When you communicate well, preferably in a real time setting, there is a certainty that you are going to be more effective in business as a whole.

Creating The Network

Obviously, creating a social network of companies is not at all easy. Just think about how long it took Facebook to reach the success it has at the moment. The good news is that Infor does not need to reach that level. It just needs to create the necessary infrastructure to make this happen for the clients that are represented. All this is possible because of the way in which the cloud evolved.

Infor focuses on developing cloud application apps that are perfect for small to medium sized companies. The applications always have some sort of real time communication and notification features that are included. It is this that allows all “network” members to communicate in a way that is as effective as possible.

Will Infor Succeed?

This is basically something that remains to be seen but there is no real reason why it should not happen. Phillips identified a clear gap on the market. Small companies are struggling in their growth efforts. Using the cloud and making it really easy to communicate with partners and clients helps out much more than what many may believe at the moment.

According to specialists, Infor is going to be a cloud giant that is going to offer so much quality for all its clients. The CloudSuite of niched apps is a clear example of that. While we can only wait and see if this happens, the development of the social network of companies does look like something that will be highly beneficial in the future.