What Skills Do Business Leaders Need?

There is a huge difference between someone who is good in business and someone who can be a leader in business. Business leaders are those with the power, the ones who command the highest salary and those who make decisions each and every day which have an impact on people’s lives. If you want to become a business leader then, it is vital that you understand exactly what it takes.

Business leaders such as Sun Capital Partner’s highly successful and inspirational CEO Marc Leder, have a certain set of skills which set them apart from the people who may be good at business, but don’t have what it takes to go on to lead. These skills which business leaders possess are highly transferable and once you have them, you can shoot for the stars in the world of business. Let’s take a look at what kind of skills you’ll need.


One of the most important skills which someone who wants to be a business leader will need, is their ability and desire to become masters of their industry. Business leaders are more often than not those who possess the most knowledge about their field and in order to gain this knowledge you must be prepared to work at it. Without solid knowledge of your sector and your business on the whole, you cannot make key decisions about the business.

Team Building

Great business leaders understand the importance of a team and beyond that, they also understand exactly how to put a great team together. A business leader understands that a great team is not about hiring great individuals, but hiring individuals who will be able to work well in unison with one another.


One of the key differences between a good business persona and a good business leader is the leader’s ability to inspire and engage those around them. The idea of inspiring someone is not to be a cheerleader for them, but rather to find the way in which you can say things to people that will resonate with them, and motivate them to work towards success.


Smart business leaders have the skills to create, build and maintain relationships, a key ingredient to their success. Relationships which leaders create can help them in the years to come, they can offer support and advice when it is needed and it can also help them to reach the heights that they are looking to achieve.

Hard Work

And finally one of the biggest and most notable differences between a business person and a business leader, is the level of work which leaders are prepared to put in. Hard work is a skill and it must be treated as such, if you don’t have this in you, it is time to step up and change that if you have any ambitions of becoming a leader in business one day in the future.

How many skills do you already have?