Bob Mims CPA on The Best Golf Clubs to Use

Bob Mims CPA has been cited in the news saying that certain golf clubs can enhance the sport for you. Bob enjoys hitting the links in Louisville during warm August weather. All kinds of people come out to play golf during the warmer months. From a CFO to University students on break, summer is a great time to get outside and get some exercise playing golf.

Many sources report that golf is a fantastic sport for a happy life foundation and building a new community of friends. You don’t need to steal or shoplift, or possibly have an arrest out for you to try out numerous clubs. You can rent clubs at most courses. When you find out wh

ich ones you like best, you can buy a set of your own!

Do you want to brag to your golf buddies about all the golf balls you fired off easily with your new clubs? Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a brand new set of branded golf clubs or you’re looking to add a few new golf clubs to your current set of clubs, continue reading this guideline to discover some of the best golf clubs to play with. In order to select clubs which will suit your individual preferences as a golfer.

The Best Golf Clubs to Play Golf With:

1. Calloway XR OS Irons

These clubs have been designed for Sunday golfers who are looking to keep their second and third shots on the fairway and can drastically improve the length of your shots. As the Calloway XR OS Irons can help you hit each shot a few more yards, which will help you get closer to greens, with fewer shots.

2. Taylor Made M1 Irons

The Taylor Made M1 Irons are ideal for intermediate players, who are looking to fine tune their golf game as they are packed with plenty of technological features. Better yet the M1 Irons are incredibly sleek and light weight and have been designed to be forgiving.

3. The Cobra King Pro Irons

Not only are the Cobra King Pro Irons incredibly sleek and stylish and boast black gun metal but they each set boasts a variety of long irons which boast cavity backs as well as a selection of shorter irons which feature muscle backs. Just keep in mind that the Cobra King Pro Irons are best suited to golfers with a low handicap and can be difficult to control if you’re a beginner, looking to improve on their golf game!

4. Taylor Made M2 Irons

The Taylor Made M2 Irons are one of the most popular sets of golf clubs currently available as they offer exceptional value for money and can be used by both beginner and intermediate golfers. The M2 Irons are guaranteed to get your ball soaring straight up into the air. So if you want to keep your golf balls straight and true, you may be interested in getting your hands on a set of popular Taylor Made M2 Irons. Which have built a reputation for being some of the most reliable, forgiving irons available!

5. Titleist AP1 Irons

If you prefer Titleist as a brand, you may be keen to try out the AP1 Irons which have been designed to be easy to hit. As an example, each club is weighted with perimeter weighting, which will ensure that your ball speeds through the air towards each hole. If you struggle to hit powerful shots on a consistent basis, it’s well worth purchasing this particular set of clubs.

5. King Utility Irons

The King Utility Irons are a type of hybrid golf clubs which integrate the functionality of traditional irons with the distance you get from a driver. So if your best shots tend to be your second or third shots, it’s well worth investing in a set of King Utility Irons.

No matter which clubs you’ll chose, you won’t regret investing in any of the brilliant, proven golf clubs listed above.