Dayana Volitich – Netflix Series You Need in Your Life Right Now

I have never been much of a party girl, so when I arrived to college I knew that I would have to find someone who thought the same as me. Thankfully I made friends with fellow Fresno State freshman Dayana Volitich, who much prefers to get up early and exercise, and spend her nights with me, in pajamas, some Ben and Jerry’s and a good series of Netflix to watch. We have absolutely hammered the TV shows on Netflix in recent months and I wanted to share with you our favorites which I think you should check out if you haven’t already.


Possibly my favorite show on Netflix right now is Billions, brilliant acting and a great storyline. To give you a quick brief without ruining anything, a big time stockbroker is wanted for not exactly playing it straight and District Attorney Chuck Rhodes will stop at nothing to get him, the twist? Chuck Rhodes’ wife is a long time friend of the Bobby Axelrod (the stockbroker). We are currently in the third season, with a new episode each week, and I’m sure that you’ll absolutely love it.

House of Cards

The new season of House of Cards is on its way, which means that now is the prefect time to get started with this brilliant political drama. The plot follows the life of Chief Whip Frank Underwood as he and his wife Claire plot and scheme their way to the top. The only downside with this series is that Kevin Spacey was the chief protagonist and he now doesn’t work on the show after the allegations which were made. This upcoming season should most definitely be interesting however as actress Robin Wright who plays Claire, will be taking the lead, after watching her in the first 5 series, I’m sure she’ll do a great job.


For the coolest show in the whole of Netflix, you have to check out Suits, a drama about a law firm with some wonderful actors. The series has so far ran for 6 seasons and number 7 is in the making right now. The show follows lawyer and all round cool dude Harvey Specter, who hires a lawyer without a license, a genius with a photographic memory, but someone who has not yet passed the bar. The show is filled with brilliant characters and really explores the depth of each one perfectly, whilst maintaining a light hearted feel to the show. Women love him and men want to be him, Harvey Specter is probably the best character in any Netflix series and actor Gabriel Macht gives a perfect performance as this suave and lovable rogue.

I have been trying to calm down with the Netflix series recently so there are some which I haven’t spoken about, in spite of this, there is so much to discover on the platform next time that you want a marathon, and I recommend that you start off with these 3.