Special Events and How To Remember Them

In theory, we all understand the importance of special events. After all, there is something about a particular occurrence that makes it “special.” but beyond that sort of focal construct, it’s often difficult to remember specifics about the actual details of these events. And that’s why it’s essential that you put in place some ways to recall them.

There will be private celebrations, birthdays, graduations, and business milestones. You will know when they have occurred, and you will know that they happened. But, what physical proof can you create in the form of a memory? That’s where a little bit of planning is necessary.

Private Celebrations

When you go to a private celebration, the environment will probably be spectacular. There may be food, there may be featured speakers, and there may be a theme. To remember the details of these particular events, make sure to get photos from a broad perspective, and then tighter shots of the influential people. If there is any flyer, registration paper, or itinerary for the event, hold onto that as well. The more you have these physical reminders with actual data, the more your memory will be jogged about it.


You’re going to have a lot of birthdays during your lifetime. Your friends and family are going to have a lot of birthdays as well. But what can you do to have certain ones stand out? Typically birthdays that are on the tens are slated to be special. When you turn 40 years old. When you turn 50 years old. If you treat people to something that defines them on these special birthdays, there’s more of a chance of them remembering it over time. And if you either buy them something extraordinary or give them a gift of an experience that’s particularly special, that will help as well.


Graduations are sometimes the most important events in an entire person’s life. Completing schooling may be one of the single most significant factors in the success of a career. If you can, record graduation speeches, and keep an archive of a video of the graduation itself from a far vantage point. Make sure to get close-up shots of the graduating person in their robes as well.

Business Milestones

Another major event is going to be when a business milestone occurs. If you want to remember what your business was like at different phases, then you should do a quick video recording or write a short essay about why you started the company, what it means to you, what you intend to accomplish, or what your financial goal is in the end. All of these things will change over time, but if you continually record your milestones, you’ll remember the whole experience much more clearly.