Why You Should Try To Make Money Online

The internet has changed just about everything in terms of how we live our lives, and that includes making money. Personally speaking I am something of a technophobe and it was only after a conversation with my buddy Matt Knouff, that I realized that it isn’t only those who have computer skills, that can make money online. There are all kinds of ways in which you can make a living, or supplement your salary through online work, from YouTube videos to freelance writing work, filling out online surveys to buying and selling goods. After just a little bit of research you will find an incredible amount of ways in which you can turn your time online, into a real money spinner.

I have been earning in one way or another online for around 3 years now, with limited computer expertise, and here is why I think that you should try your best to do the same.

Location Independence

If you have dreams of seeing the world, it is likely that your job commitments will not allow you the time to hit the road. When you work online however, you unlock the potential of traveling wherever you want in the world, whilst still being able to work. In the last few years alone I have sent emails on a beach in Bali, finished writing projects whilst in a cafe at the bottom of Machu Picchu and even held Skype chats from some of the world’s most remote regions. As long as you have wifi, you can work, and wifi is just about everywhere.


Whilst you will always have time limits and deadlines on any job which you undertake online, the when, is completely up to you. This gives you the kind of flexibility that you could only dream of in your current job and for many people, it is the perfect solution to managing their lifestyle. Take a parent of a young child for example, throughout the day they are busy with school runs, cleaning, feeding the baby, and trying to juggle all other manner of things, working under these conditions is nearly impossible. A parent that works online however, can finish up their day, and then spend an hour or work online after the kids have gone to bed, making some money on the side.


When you work online you no longer need to commute to work, saving both money and time, if you want a day off, no problem, take a week off, no problem. When you work online, you will never have to ask someone for a day off again, if you feel unwell, you can either work from the comfort of your own bed, or decide to have a day to yourself. Naturally the more that you work, the more you will earn but the decision as to when and how you work, is entirely up to you. Working online gives you the kind of freedom which many only dream of.