Cybercrime: What Is It & How To Protect Yourself

Cybercrime is such a consistent presence in the media these days that it can often feel as if it’s safer just to avoid the internet altogether. From buzzwords like phishing, viruses, and hacking becoming more prolific in the headlines around the world, it’s never been more important that you learn what these terms are and the best ways to protect yourself against them. Whether you’re an e-commerce business owner or someone who simply uses the internet in their daily lives, learning the simple ways that you can keep yourself protected online could save you from potentially damaging data or financial losses. Here then, are the most common varieties of cybercrime, and the best ways to protect yourself from them.

Gone phishing

One of the best things about the rise of the internet has been the improvement in our ability to communicate with anyone in the world. Emails alone have been a major boon for those that wish to keep in contact with people and businesses, and while you may think that it’s common sense to never click on a link from an unknown sender, it’s surprising how regularly it happens. Phishing scams are increasingly sophisticated, but the end goal is the same: to get you to click on that link. Whether it infects your computer with malware or takes you to a site that is set up to steal your data, it’s all potentially dangerous. The best way to tackle phishing scams is to keep up to date on the latest ways that criminals try to convince you to click the links and use your common sense when it comes to trust.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of costly cyber crimes come down to weak password security. Even though you may have heard it a thousand times, it’s still all too easy to use the same password for every online account, and for hackers, that’s the easiest way to gain access to places you don’t want them to go. Educate yourself about the best ways to build a strong password, and for businesses, it may be worth using a password management service that will store your different passwords safely. For those using cloud-based services, your password is even more vital, and it’s worth making sure that you are aware of the best AWS Cloud Security; you can visit here to see more. Take the time to learn about the best and worst passwords that you should be using, and you will make it that much harder for the criminals to access your data.

The dangers of Malvertising

When you visit most online sites, the chances are that you are going to see adverts. You may even click on some of them, as intended. The danger is that there has been an increase in cases of malvertising, which is where an inconspicuous advert is merely a link that will infect your system with a virus or automatically download your data. Malvertising can be very difficult to spot, as it is often preceded or alongside legitimate adverts. The best way to protect yourself against this particularly difficult to spot form of cybercrime is to install a good adblocker, and there is a variety that you can choose. Keep yourself safe, don’t click on anything that looks suspicious and be sure to keep your adblocker updated as often as prompted.

There’s a danger in being too paranoid about cybercrime, and the truth is that the majority of behavior online is legitimate. However, being aware of the dangers and the best ways to tackle them is your first step towards a far safer online experience.