Easy Tips for landing your Dream Job

Tired of working paycheck to paycheck in a dead-end job? Have you always wanted to get the job or your dreams, earning a good wage while doing something you love. While to many this may sound to good to be true but don’t lose hope. Whether you are in search of more money or better vacation time or just want to be a painter, an architect, a doctor, teacher, programmer, biologist or anything else;  here are some easy tips for landing your dream job.

landing your dream job
Do your Research
If you know what your dream job is, start researching it. First, start by talking to someone in the field. If you want to be a professional artist, go to an art opening and get a feel for what life as a painter would really be like. If you want to be a chef, next time you see a chef getting off work maybe buy them a drink and pick the brain about the industry. Talking to someone who is already doing your dream job will help with two things, confirming that the job is really everything you think it is and learning how to get into the industry. Once you have had this chat and still want to go forward start googling the specific steps for landing your dream job, such as what education and training you will need and how to get it.

Write a Solid Resume
Your resume is the first thing most employers will see. You wouldn’t show up to your interview in sweat pants so why would you send a less than perfect resume? Write your resume as if you a professional ready for the job you are applying. Gear your skills and experience directly for the position. If you spent time flipping burgers your sophomore year of college while working at a summer camp, include this detail if you applying for a job as a chef but leave it out if you are trying to break into the engineering field, as it is not relevant. The formatting of your resume also matters, make sure you are using a clean and modern typeface and the formatting is both professional and appropriate for the field. Jobs in the design field will want an edgier resume than those in the finance field. Lastly and possibly most importantly, proofread it multiple times and pass it to a friend to have them proofread it as well.

Don’t Give Up
Landing your dream job won’t be easy. But you knew that already right? So even after years in college and way too many unpaid internships it will still be a lot of hard work to get the job of your dreams. It may involve working your way up from the mail-room or potato peeling station. If you stick with it it may just pay off one day, so if you want to land your dream job don’t quit trying!

Follow these tips for landing your dream job and hopefully by this time next you will be sitting in the chair or standing in the field you always wanted to!