How Important Are Contracts For A Business?

Contract law is vital for every single business in the entire world. Unfortunately, many business owners do not actually understand that this is the case. You need to be sure your business is protected so Joey Langston recommends the following in regards to contracts.

Don’t Work Without A Contract

After you manage to land a very important client it is so easy to be so happy that work is going to quickly start. You can be tempted to move on with just a single handshake. However, if you do this, you are not protected. The written contract is mandatory. A lawyer needs to be hired to draft contracts or to review contracts. When things go wrong, the contract is going to protect you.

Mitigate Risks By Thinking Ahead

The contract is a strategic tool a company will use in order to manage risk and safeguard resources. When doing business, never trust that payments are going to come. You have to be 100% sure that payment will come. Entering relationships with good intentions is normal but in some cases it is possible something will go wrong. When something goes to court, the contract guarantees favorable rulings.

Define Work Scope

You can discuss many different projects and the wish list of the client will quickly grow. As you get the job done, it is important to have a clear work scope. As the relationship evolves and a misunderstanding appears, the written contract is going to resolve the problem.

Up-Sale Services

Written contracts are legal documents but they can also become marketing tools. Contracts offer evidence you are in complete control and after work scope was defined, it can add some extras that would include services or products to be provided.


You have to decide the points that cannot be negotiated but you should never change important things. For instance, contracts need to include termination fees and liability limitation, among many other things. All of these have to be negotiated. Contracts should never just favor one side of the deal. They have to be beneficial for both parties involved.

Non-Compete Clauses

A business will use contracts in order to enforce a non-compete agreement, which prohibits businesses and individual from offering specific services or goods. Such contracts are important because they create a strategic partnership between 2 companies. They also allow businesses to offer unique services and goods.

Take Care Of Variations

When business practices change or in the event that a project becomes different than original scope, you can update contracts. The same should be done after markets change and after the contract is signed. Basically, contracts help deal with variations that could appear at any point in time.


To sum up, it is really important that your contracts are properly drafted and that there is an attorney that will handle everything associated with them. In the event that you do not have contracts properly taken care of, it is a certainty that problems are going to eventually appear. Be sure that you never draft or review a contract without legal supervision.