The Importance of Using the Same Supplier For Your Oilfield Needs

Oilfields require a great amount of infrastructure and supplies in order to maximize production and minimize the loss of time and money. With this in mind then, it will always make sense that you select the same supplier for the majority if not all of your oilfield infrastructure and products. Some owners in the oil and gas industry will look to use variety of suppliers in order to try and get the best products or save money, but in doing so they could find themselves actually doing the opposite.

The best idea is to use a great supplier like JWA oilfield supplies, and here is why keeping your business with just one supplier will ensure that the oilfield production will always run smoothly.

Loyalty Pays

Changing suppliers can be troublesome and you may have to go through 2 or 3 until you find the one that can deliver to your expectations. When you do find a supplier that works for you however, diversification is not necessary and you will be better served by staying loyal with that supplier. The reason for this is that suppliers like long term clients, and they will generally make price deals and prioritize their loyal customer base. Many think that they can save money through diversifying their suppliers but in the long term this is inaccurate and loyalty will save more money in the long run.


When you maintain the same supplier for the majority or all of you infrastructure and supply needs, it makes the process of communication, procurement and trouble-shooting far easier. Instead of having to speak to many different stakeholders, you will have one contact who will look after all of your needs. In keeping this simplicity, you can make your supplier dealings much more streamlined which will save time, and in turn, money.

Easy Solutions

In huge infrastructure projects like an oilfield, there are many facets of it which can, and invariably will, go wrong. Whilst there will be a maintenance team offshore, there are many times when the suppliers need to be contacted to offer assistance with any issues which have occurred. In this event, it is far easier to contact one supply team, to come out and look at the issue which has occurred. In some cases, those who use a diverse range of suppliers may have mechanical operations which consist of parts from more than one supplier, in such a situation they would need to contact all suppliers to come and review their equipment. Keeping it simple with one supplier ensures that problem are fixed swiftly so that the rig can keep running.


Sometimes you will have the supply team come out to review their products so staying with a single supplier where possible will ensure that this can happen in just one trip, rather than making numerous appointments and arrangements for various specialists from your many suppliers to come out for any maintenance issues.

A single supplier will ultimately make your operation easier, quicker and more dynamic.