Key reasons why learning English language is importantt


Do you want to open the door of opportunities for yourself? Or are you looking for a new way to impress people around you? Then you are in the right place because we believe that learning a new language is precisely the answer you have been waiting for.

In this fast-growing world, learning a new skill is already very important, so if you decide that skill to be a new language then it is an added advantage for you and your career.

You learn one new particular language and can communicate in that language for any of your purposes. This skill contributes a lot in your personal development because learning a new language improves your problem-solving skill, makes you think critically, sharpens your memory and enhances your ability to focus and multitask.

Out of the options when learning a new language, English must be your option. Starting with self-learning or English tutoring, this language is highly significant for you and your success to be honest. But what is so important about this? Why is the world going crazy just for this language? Here are the reasons you better know because then you would not only want to learn this language but ace it.

  1. 20% Population Speaks English

Do you know 20% population of Earth speaks English? According to Babbel Magazine, Between 1 to 2 billion people approximately speak English,. Well, that’s quite a big number. And let me mention here, not all of this 1.5 billion people are native English speakers. That number is just around 360 million. Along with being spoken, it is the foreign language that is studied by people the most. Therefore, it is important to learn this language to communicate with more people easily around the world and learn global trends. This language can bring people together at one platform to work on cultural and social issues, making different perspectives clear just by a clear understanding of a common language, i.e. English.

  1. English is the language of the Internet

With a big count of people speaking English, this is the majorly-used language online, with infinite content available in this language in terms of articles, videos, businesses, and social media forums. Hence if you can read English, you can get benefitted from billions of websites and content that’s up there. Learning English wouldn’t just give you access to these websites; it would also provide you with a platform for fun and business. Whether you browse to entertain yourself, are there to build your startup, expand your company, get data and research for your business, market your work or build connections, if you are proficient in English, your work will be way easier.

  1. Job search becomes easy

Are you looking for a job in a reputable organization or do you want to work abroad? Your expertise in English can give you this edge among other applicants who lack in this particular domain. As it’s the era of globalization, businesses are expanding. Companies look for applicants who can communicate well with their colleagues and the customers they are serving all around the world. That’s why employers look for employees who can speak English well. Limitation of language limits your opportunities as well. To become internationalized, learning English is the first step in the process.

  1. Travel without hassle

Has it ever happened to you that you are unable to make somebody in a foreign country understand what are you looking for because you both don’t know each others’ language? If you try making him understand in English, there are high chances he might get a bit of what you are saying or somebody else there might understand and explain it to the foreigner. English is a language spoken in most parts of the world; one out of every five persons knows English. This way knowing English makes travel easier for you. In places where English is not common, but tourism is locals, try to learn basic words of it so that it helps them out in their businesses. You’d find at least one guy in the hotel or hostel you have booked to stay who knows English so that language doesn’t hinder their business. Travelers also prefer to go to those places where they can communicate in English if they don’t know the local language.

  1. Study where you want

With the world growing up fast, people move to different countries to get a better education. You want to opt for the course or a degree not available in your home country; you can go where in the world you want because thousands of universities are offering courses in thousands of subjects in the English language. Learn English, and you have the whole buffet of schools and colleges to choose from to get into your dream place. There are a lot of international opportunities and scholarships being offered for those who want to get into the colleges abroad but knowing English is the requirement, and if you are proficient in English, you chances of clearing the applications and interview are quite high because you’d be able to express in the language, the organizer understands, and there you’ll win it.

  1. Make new friends with English

Knowing the language known by the majority of people can help you get along with people very easily. This way, you can make friends, hang out with comfort and enjoy your experiences. The language barrier creates it difficult for people to bond, but English is one of the languages in the world, which aids in making completely new people from different continents become lifelong friends. Getting related to new people from various parts of the world inspires you, makes you reflect; you become grateful and grow as a person.

  1. Learn more about cultures

Culture and language go hand in hand. You separate any of these. Knowing English gives you an extremely beautiful way of cultural exchange and makes you acquainted with the culture of countries with native English language. Without knowing the language, you won’t be able to comprehend what is the other person trying to explain and might misunderstand their words, body language, and tone. This can hinder people living in English speaking countries, working with colleagues internationally. Besides understanding the culture of English speaking countries, it also gives you access to uncountable movies, literature, and books all over the world. Books of famous authors written in native languages are also translated in English to reach out to more number of people across the globe.


Even to understand the benefits of learning English, you need to learn English. Anyhow, learning a new language makes your brain quicker to grasp more concepts, so getting a hold on the English language can make you smarter and acceptable in the world.