Let Apps Help you Throw a Graduation Celebration on a Budget

If someone in your family has graduated from college, whether it’s your sibling or your kid, you are very proud of their achievements and want to make a celebration out of graduation day. If you need help finding ideas or themes for a big party, you can use apps to help you organize and plan. If you don’t have a big budget for a party you can find more cost-effective ways to celebrate their big day. I found this link that can be really useful in helping you create a celebration to remember no matter what your budget.

Best Apps for a Graduation Celebration

Check out the link but keep reading to find my 3 tips on hosting the best celebration for your graduate.

Party Ideas and Hacks

After the ceremony, you want to have your graduate’s friends and family come together to celebrate. There are loads of ways you can decorate the party to commemorate the occasion. Use can use apps to help you come up with a theme for the party. Look for party apps that have a filter for college graduation party ideas like hanging banners, balloons and other decorations with the school colors. You want to make graduation memorable for them so using an event app that allows guests to take and share pictures throughout the day would be a really good option to get a lot of photos of the celebration. Other good graduation party hacks can be found in apps. You can find ideas on games to play or nostalgic music or gifts to hand out at the end of the party. Other ideas include having a guest book or framed messages that guests can write in to have another keepsake for the graduate.

Ideas without having a party

If you have a small budget or your graduate doesn’t want to make a big deal about the day. There are ways you can celebrate the occasion without breaking the bank or hosting an elaborate party. You can still celebrate college graduation without a party by inviting guests over for an open house or inviting a small group to dinner later that evening. An open house celebration is a great choice as guests can come and go as they please. You can have a small buffet of snack foods and drinks, and the idea of an open house is much less formal or time consuming as a party or dinner. You can find ideas for cheap graduation centerpieces to put on the buffet table through apps that feature DIY sections to their party planning ideas. You can also use an invitation app to invite a small group to dinner or even dessert after graduation if your graduate is not big on parties or celebrations. There are lots of ways you can celebrate the occasion that makes it memorable for the people that matter most.

Party themes and Activities

If you and your graduate do want to have a big celebration, then there are apps that can help you organize from party list to party favors and everything in between. You can find party apps that can help you decide on graduation party themes like using the mascot of the college as the centerpiece, the college colors, or you can go a nostalgic route and have pictures of the graduate from childhood to graduation tied to balloons all over the house. If you are looking for graduation party activities find apps that help you come up with fun games to play. From sweet activities that allow guests to tell their favorite stories of the graduate to funny games that get everyone laughing and involved, you can find apps that will help you come up with activities that will make the party more memorable and fun. If you need to find graduation party ideas for your daughter, you want to look at apps that filter for parties for young women to get a variety of ideas that would help her party be fun and focused on her celebration.


No matter what type of celebration you and your graduate are looking to host, you can find ideas in applications. Apps can help the process by giving you a lot of ideas without having to run around stores looking for decorations or buying invitations to send out. From a huge all day party to an intimate dinner with close friends, apps can help you organize and arrange it all so you have more time to celebrate the big day. Check out the link that I found useful but let these tips help you come up with the most memorable celebration on graduation day.