What To Look For In a Beauty Clinic

I have moved around quite a bit during my life and each time I have moved, it has meant finding new schools, new libraries, new shops and most importantly, new beauty clinics. I am a regular of my beauty clinics and I always have to make sure that I find the very best one that I can. When looking for a beauty clinic, there are some tell-tale signs which you should look out for, as indicators whether the clinic fits the bill. If you are on the lookout for a new clinic, here is what you should be looking for.

Opinions of Others

Word of mouth is an age old tradition which helps spread the word, good or bad, about a particular establishment. These days word of mouth exists online by way of reviews and comments. Indeed it was the Sono Bello reviews which helped me to decide on Sono Bello as my new beauty clinic. If you have found a few clinics in your area, get online and find out what people are saying about them.


When you go to a beauty clinic, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed and the majority of this feeling is dictated by the general atmosphere of the clinic. Naturally you won’t know about the atmosphere of a particular place until you have actually had an experience there and so you should go to 3 or 4 clinics for minor treatments, to help you decide on which one makes you feel best.

Level of Service

I really rely heavily on great service in the beautician as I like to spend this time chatting with the staff about what has been going on. I believe that of all of the service industries, beauty clinics have a very high level of responsibility in terms of making their clients look, and feel great and wonderful service is one of the ways in which they can do exactly that.


Next up you need to take a look at the treatments available at your clinic and when you do, there are two things that you should be on the lookout for. The first thing to find out is whether or not this clinic offers the treatments that you would have done and the second is to ensure that the treatments are not all encompassing. I am always wary of restaurants with huge menus as there is no way that they can provide a great product, with so many options, I believe beauty clinics to be the same. Clinics should specialize in certain treatments and not be a Jack of all trades.


The final thing that you should focus on is how far away the clinic is from your work or from your home. The last thing that you want is to travel far for a treatment, or come out of the clinic feeling relaxed, only to face an hour journey home. You can use something like Google maps to find out which clinics are in your area.