How to Make a Brand Logo that Leaves a Lasting Impression

According to some studies, forty percent of people remember something better when they see it compared to when they read or hear it. Thus, having a logo associated with your business can secure your position at the mind of potential clients. Brand logos are a representation of your enterprise. Thus, you need to make sure that it is memorable enough and that it represents your business identity clearly.

To simply put it, you need a logo that is simple yet appealing. It must help you connect your customers to what your business has to offer. Nowadays, making one has been made easy since there are a variety of logo creator online platforms available. However, creating a brand logo that leaves a lasting impression on the audience may not be that simple.

Here are some pointers that can help you set a successful and memorable brand logo.

Capture Your Brand’s Essence

A logo is a graphic symbol that visually represents your brand. Apparently, there is no fixed formula for a perfect logo. Some of the most successful brands are using different approaches to creating their logos. You can find a simple serif typeface that Google is using. Correspondingly, Starbucks have combined a typed-based design and graphics on their logo.

Pictorial logos can provide a unique visual representation of your business. On the other hand, type-based logos can instantly communicate your brand name. A logo comprising a combination of images and text can grant you flexibility in terms of their range of applications.

Employ a Good Combination of Colors

The role of colors in your logo plays a crucial part. In branding, it can influence certain sentiments and emotions. It can also set the tone of your brand. In general, the colors can either make or break your brand.

When discussing your logo colors, you need to consider various factors. This includes knowing the color theory and the specific effects that you can create with your chosen palette. If you can notice, health food brands usually incorporate earthy brown and greens in their branding. Similarly, finance and technology enterprises are using cooler tones. Branding companies that different colors have different effects on people. So, think about your brand and what you want people to feel when they think about it.

How do you choose the perfect color palette for your brand? You can experiment and try different combinations until you find the feel that truly represents your brand. Correspondingly, pay attention to the trend within competitors and similar brands.

Ending Note

A good brand logo is timeless. It should be ultimately memorable yet communicates well with the audience. While there is no certain assurance and a set formula for a successful brand, a well-thought and consistent plan can guide you towards your goal. Figure out what suitably works for your business by examining you brand objectively. You can focus on your targeted market, objectives, and the tone that you think suits your brand. Plan it out, seek feedback, and ask for an advice.