Pilates for a Healthy Life

Ideally we could all make it through life avoiding pain completely, yet we all know that this is simply not possible. We can however minimize the amount of pain we feel in our lives. Adding in some extra routines & changing how we do a few things can have a huge impact on avoiding future injuries. Here are some strategies you can adopt that will give you the best odds of living a pain free life.

Exercise Regularly

One way to avoid chronic pain in your life is to keep your muscles and cardiovascular system in good shape. You should adopt a consistent exercise routine that involves aerobic activity, strengthening exercises, and flexibility routines. There are many different exercises that you can choose from that fit this description, but you must also aim for a routine that is low risk. You don’t want to get injured, while training your body to avoid injury. For instance, sports can be wonderful exercise, but can also lead to many injury. The same can be said for heavy weight lifting, and high impact aerobics. You need to make sure that whatever exercise you undertake it does not end up doing more harm than good.

Do Pilates

Pilates is a perfect fitness regimen for avoiding injury. Pilates exercises consist of slow and precise movements that are aimed at strengthening your body and mind as well as increasing your flexibility. These exercises are combined with proper breathing to create a perfect mind-body connection, where your focus is on your physical & mental wellbeing.

Pilates classes are similar to yoga in that they put a lot of focus on your state of mind & wellness. Pilates instructors are attentive and will focus on your comfort and safety. If they sense that any movement is too much for you, they will get you to ease off. Pilates also offers an advanced version called Pilates reformer which utilizes a custom-made apparatus that will allow you to gain even more from the exercises. For advanced students, Pilates reformer is a wonderful way to safely strengthen and add flexibility to your body.

Minimize Stress

Stress alone will not cause you pain, but it can result in conditions where your body will be very susceptible to injury. Stress causes your blood pressure to rise which can strain your circulatory system and your heart. Stress can make you prone to debilitating diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Managing stress is essential for leading a happy, healthy & pain free life.