Planning a San Francisco Architectural Group Tour

Are you an architecture student, architect, or someone who enjoys seeing beautiful building? And are you part of a group interested in going to San Francisco to see the amazing architecture there? Well you and your group are making a great choice of cities for this endeavor.

San Francisco boasts some of the US’s most distinct architectural landscapes, with many recognized the world over as having set trends for some of today’s most recognized building styles. So whether you’re planning an architectural tour for your class, or other group, this post will outline what you need to know to make sure your trip goes off without a problem.

Consider Letting Someone Else Drive

A trip like the one you and planning demands that you pay close attention to the transportation choice you make forgetting you around San Francisco. The city is quite large with several suburbs connected to it. Part of the city is also built on large Hills making you more beautiful your complicating it’s navigation.

There’s no doubt that the architectural sites that you want to visit will be screwing around the city. Some of them will be easy to spot and approach, while others will be challenging and demand that whoever is leading, have a good understanding of how the San Francisco street network is constructed.

the best advice for getting you and your group around the city is to charter a private San Francisco tour bus rental. this will provide you with a comfortable means of transportation driven by knowledgeable and safe experienced professional. It will also give your group a chance to focus as much as they want on San Francisco’s fantastic architecture that will be visible as you make your way around the city. You can easily book a tour bus rental online.

The Sites You Have to See in San Francisco

San Francisco has many architectural landmarks what’s summarize Above the Rest as must see. These include the Golden Gate Bridge, the Trans-america Pyramid building, the amazing Flat-Iron style architecture of the Columbus Tower, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Xanadu Gallery, And the Palace Hotel that was built in 1875 and was the largest luxury hotel in the world.  These are just a small sample of some of the amazing architectural landmarks that are part of San Francisco.

Make Sure You Never Miss a Site

As mentioned San Francisco can be a difficult city to navigate. When you also throw in that there is lots of traffic, your group can find getting from one destination to the next is overwhelming. The smart thing to do is the map out your high priority destinations and determine the route to those destinations beforehand.  This way if traffic is too overwhelming, you will be sure to get to the places that you must see, and any secondary choices can be dropped off the list if time does not permit.

You Can Book a Tour in Advance

Many of the places that you might want to see including the Xanadu Gallery and even Alcatraz offer private tours than can fill your group in on the history of the site and any architectural features. But do make sure to book ahead and time your arrival accordingly.

Make Good Use of the Time on the Bus

Manyof the architectural sites you visit will require time in your bus to get there. You should plan distractions for your group so that they don’t get too bored.  Make sure that there is music available, and another good idea is to play some games that you can play in the bus that will keep you entertained between stops.  They will make the time go quickly and keep everyone happy.