Simple Ways to Raise the Levels of Interior Design Excellence

Over the last few years, interior design has become more inclusive. Thanks to a rise in DIY approaches, more people have been able to get involved and enjoy redecorating their home. No longer is it a case of walking aimlessly through hardware stores and hoping for inspiration. With Pinterest and Instagram, you can find the exact style you want, and understand how to recreate the look in your own home. However, if you’re struggling for inspiration, or you simply just don’t know how to get that elusive, extravagant, luxurious look, use the below tips to help put you on par with the homes you see on screen.

Unique furniture

The most eye-catching interior design is always the styles with inventive, innovative furniture. From sculptures that double up as coffee tables, to unique one-off specials that no one else has, buying furniture should be seen as an art form. Even if the rest of your room is lacking in decoration or design, buying and using statement furniture is a guaranteed way to create an atmosphere. You should look at buying modern dining tables, as these incredible pieces of furniture will become a talking point at any dinner party or function.

Imaginative decorating

When it comes to interior design, you shouldn’t try to do everything at once. If you try to use bright prints and colors, and customize your furniture, your accessories, your floor and your walls, you’ll end up with a loud mess of clashing design. Instead, look at taking a subtler approach. Picking a feature wall is one of the easiest ways to do this. Choose a color palette, including some softer, more muted shades and tones for the majority of your walls. Then, depending on where you have your furniture, and where the focus of the room is, pick a feature wall. Use an eye-catching piece of wallpaper or a bright colored paint to cover this wall. The effect you get is unforgettable: you combine soft and bright to make a truly exclusive, magazine-worthy finish.

Quality prints and materials

The one matching feature you’ll see in nearly all top design magazines, is the use of prints and textures. Combining different textures and prints is bold, and gives off a confident air – showing that you know how to design a room to show off its best features. You might want to do this on a smaller scale to start with: perhaps choosing feature wallpaper with a louder or more elaborate design than you usually would. Or opting for a mix of textures when choosing rugs, throws and pillows. These small efforts go a long way in putting you up with the design elite.

Accessorizing your home

Most of the time, it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. From framed art on the wall to elaborate candles and chunky coffee table books, accessorizing your home is one of the simplest ways to improve your interior design. It’s these bits that set your home apart from the pages of magazine, and have the biggest effect on people coming to visit.