Understanding the Different Levels of Autism

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a serious condition that requires the right amount of care. Knowing how to deal with children with autism is a must, even when you don’t have an immediate family with a case. There are those who need help dealing with children with autism; you can take a more active role in helping those around you.

According to studies complied by the University of Cincinnati and its online behavioral analysis degree program, there are three basic levels (or spectrums) of autism. The first level is usually marked with the child having difficulties starting social interactions or building relationships with others. Before long, the child may also show less interest in social interactions altogether. Higher levels may involve symptoms such as social impairment or limited responses.

You can learn more about the different levels of autism from The Importance of Early Intervention for Children with Autism infographic by the University of Cincinnati.