Your Important Guide to the Proper Use of Laptops, Cell Phones, and Lighting for EMF Protection

We can’t deny the importance of technology – and how it has changed our lives for the better in many different ways. But along with all the technological perks we are enjoying today, we are at more risk for various conditions due to high levels of electromagnetic fields as well.

You don’t have to be afraid of electromagnetic fields since the earth naturally produces them and we produce them too. But if there is too much EMF in the atmosphere and everywhere around us, we can be affected. We can be at higher risk of conditions that include stress, allergies, fatigue, mood swings and disorders, and even cancer. If you would like to alleviate the dangers of constant EMF exposure and remain as healthy as can be, here’s your essential guide to the proper use of laptops, cell phones, and lighting for complete EMF protection.

Using your laptop

While laptops are so named because you can place them on your lap, it’s best not to do so. If you have to work on your laptop, make sure to put it on a table or tray. Laptops can emit a very high frequency when you charge them, so try to work away from the laptop’s charger as well. Another proper way to use a laptop if you don’t want your risks to increase is to use a wired keyboard and a wired mouse – especially if you have to work on your laptop for a long time.

Using your cell phone

You’ve probably heard of many tips on the use of cell phones, particularly in regard to EMF exposure. You may already know, for example, that it’s best to keep your cell phone away from your ear when you have a call and put it on speaker mode instead. But it is also a good idea for you to store your cell phone as far away from your body as possible. Place your cell phone in your briefcase, backpack, or purse, or if you can’t do this, just put your cell phone in airplane or flight mode. If you can’t put your cell phone in airplane or flight mode and you need to keep it in your pocket, at least make sure the cell phone’s keypad is facing your body so the battery can face outwards.

Using and choosing your lights

Your home’s lights can also make an impact on your EMF exposure, so choose your lights with care. For instance, avoid using low-voltage halogen lights and CFL or fluorescent lights. These types of lighting can emit a high level of EMFs from their transformers or ballasts. Besides, these lights can also emit dirty electricity, which is radiation that comes from the wiring of your home. You can choose to have LED or LCD lighting; this kind of lighting is not only practical and emits lower levels of EMFs – but it is also longer-lasting and more energy-efficient as well.

You can also improve your chances of EMF protection with another great choice: EMF protection jewellery. There are products such as pendants, bracelets, and more, made from natural crystals and stones which make them a beautiful yet handy accessory.