Botox – Is it for me or is not?


What is the single most annoying sign of ageing that drives men and women all over the world crazy? It is undoubtedly the ageing reflections of themselves they see at some point in their lives. Wrinkles and other facial lines start appearing on everybody’s faces and make many people sad.

However, the question that needs to be asked is whether there is any point in whining over one’s gone young looks. Is there any point in getting stressed over wrinkles? The answer is a big no since scientists have been working diligently to come with various solutions to this nasty problem.

In a wide rangeof these treatments stands out Botox. The reason so many people know and have used Botox (well, over 11 million Americans did) is because Botox is as effective as it gets. Aside from this, it is also easily accessible.

To elaborate on the latter, we could assume you are a prospective patient looking into Botox in New York options. How can you get information on what it is that you need to do and what clinic you need to choose?

The answer is pretty easy: what you need to do is, say, google ‘Botox in New York’ and check out google reviews left by those who received their own injections of Botox in New York. You can easily see what the best clinics that provide Botox in New York are. According to numerous reviews left by different patients, clinics such as Miracle Face MedSpa are among the best providers of Botox in New York.

Having said all of this, we are still fully aware of one thing: you might be still doubting whether to go ahead and get your Botox injections now. The reason you might be having second thoughts now is because you don’t’ have clear answers to some important questions about Botox. These questions usually fall into three categories: safety, the procedure itself, and the results.

So let’s get started.

Safe or not too Safe?

Safety is the primary concern for many patients. The reason this is the case is partially due to the fact that there are a plethora of articles all over the web that claim Botox is dangerous to use. The truth is however completely different. If the clinic alongside with its doctors is accredited the chances of any health-related issues arising are infinitesimal. Now let’s look into why Botox is as safe as it gets.

First off, it was discovered around two centuries ago by a German scientist Justinus Kerner. The implication of this are simple: Botox alongside with the substance at its heart – Botulinum toxin – have been around for such a long period of time that researchers all over the globe had plenty of time to examine how it works. This has led to number one public health organization in the USA – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – to officially recognize Botox safe in 2002. FDA of course came up with this conclusion after performing its own set of clinical trials.

History aside, Botox is extraordinarily safe because of how it works. The thing is that Botox is almost certainly guaranteed not to spread throughout the patient’s body. The reason this is the case is because Botox is injected into the problematic area and is forced to stay right there. The way it works is it freezes the muscles that are responsible for creating those nasty wrinkles. This is the very reason why it’s been deemed a minimally invasive procedure: the substance stays right where it was injected, therefore not affecting the patient’s body in any harmful way. ‘

Is it Painful?

Another scary thing that circulates the web is that Botox injections are painful. Is this true? Well, just like with the safety issue, the answer is complete opposite of what many claim – Botox injections are painless. In fact they are so painless they compare to a mosquito bite.

However, some patients still raise some concerns about the injection itself. They say they are so afraid of the needle that they choose not to receive their Botox injections. Well, if you are frightened of the needle you could ask your doctor to apply either some numbing or cooling cream onto your skin to eliminate that little pain.

How Long Will Botox Last?

The question of how long Botox lasts doesn’t have an easy answer. Everything depends mostly on whether you have received your treatment at an accredited clinic. Another difficulty involved in predicting how long Botox will lastlies in individual traits of the patient. Everyone’s body reacts differently, making it extremely difficult to say how long Botox will be doing its miracles for.

Having said all of this, it’s important to note that it is commonly stated that Botox injections last up to four months.