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Career Options for Those with a Passion about the Technical Elements of Sound

Technical Elements of Sound

All over the world, people are interested in attending audio engineering schools. one of the interesting things about this degree is that you have such a huge amount of choice. You can, for instance, decide that you want to work only with a specific genre of music. Or perhaps there is a certain type of technology you like, such as studio mixing board, or a digital form of technology, and focus your career on that. You also always have the option of teaching the next generation of audio engineers.

How To Learn to Play The Guitar 


I had a guitar lying around in my closet for around 3 years before I eventually decided that I was going to make it my mission to pick it up and learn how to play. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have any ambitions of being the next Page, Clapton or Hendrix, I just wanted to be able to play some of my favorite songs or perhaps entertain the family. I know so many people who say that they wish they could learn to play the guitar and say things like ‘but I don’t have the hands for it,’ let…

Awesome European Cities For a Bachelor Party


In the past a bachelor party or stag-do took place the night before the wedding, it was considered to be the last night of freedom before hitching yourself to a girl for the rest of your life. Such was the mayhem of the stag do however that far too many grooms would turn up on their wedding day with bad heads or worse and as a result of this, the stag party began to be moved to a month or so before the big day. One night for a party didn’t seem to be enough and in the last 20…

4 Essentials for Your Next Social Outdoor Gathering

portable gazebo case

  Outdoor entertaining is one of the most enjoyable social pleasures we can experience as human beings. Celebrating good times without structural constraints not only feels great but is also very healthy for you. Fresh air and natural surroundings help ground us. Especially when shared with our friends and family. To get the best out of your next social outdoor event be sure to consider these five items for maximum enjoyment. 1) Tasty Yet Easy-To-Make Food In other words, finger foods. Finger foods are not time consuming and are perfect for maintaining that social aspect of your event. They don’t…

For Seniors, Bingo is Not Just a Game, It’s a Way of Life


When you are busy and you have a lot of things to do in life, you might not find enough time to do other activities. You are focused on finishing your pending tasks or spending time with your family. You are lucky if there are a lot of activities for you to finish. There are a lot of older people out there who don’t have the same luxury. For some of them, they spend their days doing almost nothing. This is why bingo is an extremely popular game among the older community. For them, bingo is not just a game,…

How to play the lottery anywhere


Photo by CC user it is AMI on Youtube There is a very good chance that if you’re reading this, you also play the lottery. Why? Because the lottery is the most popular form of gambling in the world, and let’s face it, we all enjoy the thrill of a lotto draw. One of the great drawbacks of the lottery has always been the inability to play unless you are directly located in that particular country. This meant Europeans looking on longingly as the US lottery jackpots soared to levels that were unimaginable on the continent. Elsewhere, people in the…

Dressing Up for the 2016 Olympics


It is that time again, the Olympics, a sporting spectacle that takes place once every four years, where the World’s greatest sportsmen battle it out for that elusive Olympic gold medal. The 2016 games take place in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful and one of the sexiest cities on Earth and if 2014’s World Cup is anything to go by then these Olympics is likely to be one of the best that has ever been hosted. Due to the vast number of sports and competitions that take place during the Olympics our TV screens are filled with…

Top Movies of Summer 2016

Movies of Summer 2016

Summer movies keep getting bigger and better and 2016 is no exception. Here are some of the top movies of 2016 that are bound to get you pumped. Whether you love comedy, action, sci-fi, or the latest comic book adventure; check out some of the most anticipated movies of summer 2016 for this year’s best in entertainment. Ghostbusters This is the summer of 2016’s most talked about reboot. With an all female cast, Ghostbusters is a fresh take on the 80’s classic, complete with cutting-edge special effects and some of the funniest comedians around. So whether you are a die-hard Ghostbuster…

The Most Important Factors You should Consider before Playing Slots Online


Slots are said to be one of the most simple – if not the most simple – online games you can play. The objective of the game can be easily understood by everyone, as your aim is simply to have the same symbols on the reel in order to win. With online slots, you have a greater chance of winning as well, because, unlike traditional slot machines which usually only had one winning variation, online slots offer different variations for winning, such as matching symbols on a diagonal, on a straight line, and so on. You can also choose from…

Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Most anticipated movies of 2016

Movies keep getting bigger and better each year. 2015 was a massive year for movies with records being broke everywhere you looked. 2016 is gearing up to be an even bigger year than last. Here are the most anticipated movies of 2016, whether you a movie buff or just looking for a good date idea. Star Wars: Rogue One A few years ago there was little hope for new Star Wars, now the fans of Star Wars Universe are delighted. Starting in 2015 there will be a new Star Wars film every Christmas for the foreseeable future. With the beginning of a…