Five Bands Who Hit Casino Land

Bands Who Hit Casino

There are certain achievements that every legendary rock and roll band wants to complete over a long career. The obvious one is getting very rich, and having a lot of fun doing it. The rock and roll lifestyle isn’t complete without wild parties, wrecked hotel rooms, and tales of debauchery which are enough to make us mere mortals shiver. To do that, selling millions of albums is a necessity, as well as having hit songs which are passed down from generation to generation. Even in the 21st century, the vinyl revival has meant acts like the Beatles and David Bowie are still selling huge numbers of records, decades after they were recorded! 

On top of that, there are still a few landmarks that a top band will want to hit along the road to immortality. A headline slot at a world-famous music festival like Glastonbury is now seen as a ‘must have,’ but there’s a new accolade that only the biggest and the best have so far been able to achieve – having your music immortalized in the form of an online slots game at!

Since gambling moved from land-based casinos to the internet, the formats available for slots developers to work with have expanded significantly. Now, players can play slots themed to almost any genre you can think of, including popular travel locations, popular movies, and popular bands. Here are just five of the massive names who have now lent their soundtrack to spinning the reels, Las Vegas style!

1. Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper was the man that everyone’s parents were afraid their children would get into during the 1970s. With his controversial anti-education anthem ‘School’s Out,’ Cooper was presented in the press as a villain, and a menace to society. In reality, he’s anything but – the golf-playing rocker is regarded as one of the nicest men in music, and his on-stage act is just that; an act. 

It’s an act and a half though, with hits like ‘Poison’ proving that he was far from just being a one-hit wonder. It’s ‘School’s Out’ which is both the focus and the title of his official slot, though, which was released by Spike Games in 2017. The slightly ghoulish slot is like a haunted house erected in Cooper’s honor, with a special bonus feature allowing you to play with an electric chair to win prizes, along with with plenty of free spins opportunities along the way. Cooper’s own famous face-painted eyes are the slot’s wild symbols, meaning you’re more likely to win when you see them even if they do scare you to death. 

2.Guns n Roses

Of all the legendary rock and roll bands who’ve emerged since the 1980s, Guns n Roses may be the most notorious. ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ is one of the most universally popular rock songs ever written, and arguably did more than any other hit to shift heavy metal music into the mainstream. They’ve exploded and imploded more times than anyone can count, and they can sometimes go twenty years without making an album, but amazingly they’re still playing and touring to this day.

The official Guns n Roses slot was a 2016 release by Net Ent, and may be the most popular of all the band-themed slots out there. A jukebox of five famous tracks by the band accompanies you as you play the game, in which every member of the original lineup is represented as a symbol on the reels. During the ‘Encore Spins’ feature, one of those band members will appear as a giant expanding symbol, swallowing up all the other symbols on their reel and opening up even more wins than you’d receive in the standard game. We guess they must have an ‘appetite for destruction.’


Outside of professional wrestling, nobody has done more to make wearing face paint popular with adults than the legendary rock band KISS. If you see an army of middle-aged people heading past you with black and white face paint and their tongues poking out, it’s a fair bet that KISS are in your town playing a concert. With songs like ‘Rock N Roll All Nite,’ they’re almost a parody of what an over-the-top rock band should look like, but with millions in the bank and Gene Simmons considered a legend in his own lifetime, we doubt they care what anyone thinks of them. 

KISS had an official online slots game called ‘KISS: Shout It Out Loud’ released by WMS Gaming back in 2013, which made them early adopters of the casino game trend in the music world. As it’s a little older than some of the other musical slots we see here, it may not look as pretty, but the library of KISS hits and the massive ten reels of action make it seem as larger than life as the band who inspired it. 

4. Megadeth

Megadeth may not have had quite as much commercial success as the other bands on this list, but they’re adored by their fans, and have had a major influence on the way that heavy metal music has progressed for the past three decades. Frontman and lead guitarist Dave Mustaine was one of the original members of Metallica, and therefore one could say that he’s therefore a double legend in the music world. Although he’s recently been battling an illness, the band have new music and tours scheduled for 2020 and beyond. 

It was Leander Games who released the official Megadeth slot, which arrived even earlier than the KISS slot, with a 2012 release. It must have been ahead of its time back then, because it still looks great today. We’re less convinced about the bizarre ‘Head Crusher’ bonus feature though, in which picking male prisoners decreases the amount you win, and picking female ones gives you an instant win. What does that have to do with the music of Megadeth? Who knows!

5. Motorhead

Show us someone who hasn’t screamed along to ‘Ace of Spades’ at the top of their lungs at least once in their lives, and we’ll show you a liar. Although KISS and Alice Cooper may have dressed themselves up to scare the wits out of you, Motorhead and their iconic frontman Lemmy did it without any aids or props. With his whiskey-drinker’s growl and the band’s roaring guitar sounds, Motorhead rocked every building they played in down to its foundations. 

You’d expect ‘Ace of Spades’ to be the focus of any slot bearing the Motorhead name, and it is – the name of the song is stamped on the slot’s wild symbol. This is another slot made by Net Ent, and features the great graphics that the developer is known for. Motorhead was a band that broke convention, and so did their slot – there are different numbers of rows on each reel!

Although the five bands above have the most well-known musical slots out there right now, they’re not alone. Everyone from Jimi Hendrix to the Village People is getting in on the act. Who will be next? Justin Bieber? Miley Cyrus? Drake? If we had to bet – which seems appropriate, given the theme – our money would go on Kanye West.