Dressing Up for the 2016 Olympics

It is that time again, the Olympics, a sporting spectacle that takes place once every four years, where the World’s greatest sportsmen battle it out for that elusive Olympic gold medal. The 2016 games take place in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful and one of the sexiest cities on Earth and if 2014’s World Cup is anything to go by then these Olympics is likely to be one of the best that has ever been hosted. Due to the vast number of sports and competitions that take place during the Olympics our TV screens are filled with events on a daily basis and it often encourages people who usually wouldn’t watch sport to get involved. One of the most fun ways that you can get involved in the Olympics with your family and friends is by dressing up to watch the events and here are some ideas to get you in the mood.


Country Day

With over 200 countries and principalities taking part in the Olympic games this gives you a great opportunity to dress up like people from a huge range of countries. Plan this a few days in advance with your families and friends so that everyone has sufficient time to get their costumes ready then select around 20 different countries, write them on pieces of paper and put them into a hat. Each person must select a country, not tell the rest of the group who they have chosen and then arrive on the day dressed up like their respective nation. This is a great laugh as you will have to guess which country everyone is from and watch the games in your costume as you cheer on your adopted country’s participants.

Match the Sport

You can easily find a guide online for which sports are taking place on which days and, similar to dressing up like countries, you can give everyone a different sport that they must dress up like. You don’t necessarily have to dress up like a participant of the sport that you have been given, you could dress up like a football for example or in sexy referee costumes like you see in the beach volleyball tournaments. If you are heading out to watch the games with friends then a sexy sports costume looks great, you can find several on 3Wishes.com, a great site to pick up outfits like these. Dressing up like sports gives you a great chance to get creative with your costumes and have a lot of fun with your friends or family as you watch the games.

Finals Day

As the Olympics nears the end there are a series of finals days where we see who is the best in their field and who will pick up the coveted gold medals. To inject some added fun into proceedings you can dress up for the occasion in full on dinner party outfits, ladies can get those glitzy and glamorous dresses out of the closet and the men can suit up in a smart 3-piece with all the extras. If you have been dressing up for the games then this is the perfect way to finish off the Olympics, ball gowns and suits, the perfect way to celebrate finals day.