Does Your Social Media Need Monitoring?

If you love being on social media, do you know it essentially comes with a price?

No, of course you don’t have to pay to use sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and others.

That said you do have to pay a protective price if you will, meaning you have to invest time and energy (along with sometimes subscribing to a security software provider) to increase the odds of staying safe online.

While an online monitoring service is a great idea to help you stay safe with your social media and other web initiatives, using commonsense comes at no price. Unfortunately, too many online users fail to use their number one resource.

So, do your social media efforts need monitoring?


Be Proactive, Not Reactive

When it comes to protecting you and your family members online, it was already noted how commonsense proves to be your number one weapon against fraud and identity theft thieves.

That being the case, investing in an identity protection service can be the difference between being all but 100 percent safe online and literally taking a big chance that a thief or thieves won’t strike you.

Whether you opt for a brand such as CSID reviews or others on the market, it is important that you research each and every provider.

In doing that, look at a couple of points:

  • Longevity – How long has each provider been in the business? Do they have a track record of providing first-rate services; services that all but guarantee online criminals will not creep into your life? Given the Internet has only been around for several decades, consumers had other things to worry about back in the day as opposed to online criminals. Now that millions and millions of people are using the worldwide web every hour on the hour, things have certainly changed. Finding that service where you go to bed comfortably each and every night knowing your online social footprints are being protected, that is a comfortable feeling to have;
  • Customer service – Some companies may say they are the best out there at protecting consumers from online criminals, but can they truly back up such claims? Be sure to get a feel for how each and every online security provider does business before signing up with one. Ironically, you can turn to social media to get an idea of just that. By turning to Facebook, Twitter and other such sites, you are able to watch (and even engage if you choose to do so) what consumers say about different security providers. Are they happy with one particular brand over many others? Is there one brand that simply doesn’t cut it, leaving many consumers to lash out on social media about that brand or brands? With many consumers enraged at today’s customer service initiatives (in many different industries), make sure you find an online security provider willing to put you first, not the other way around.

Don’t Forget to Do Your Part

As great as some online monitoring tools are, the consumer still has to do his or her part to decrease the chances of becoming the next fraud and/or identity theft victim.

For example, those consumers with children have to be even more aware of the dangers online criminals present, especially when it comes to social networking sites.

Just as you would give safety advice to your son or daughter as they first head off to college, it is important that you also advise them when they are getting their feet wet years earlier on the Internet.

Make sure they never put personal information (where they live, where they go to school, if they are home alone or not, when the family is taking a vacation etc.) on the worldwide web for all to see. This is especially true as they talk with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other heavily trafficked social sites.

By simply adhering to practical safety steps online (especially in your usage of social media), you keep online criminals at bay.

So, if your social media efforts need some monitoring attention moving forward are you ready to find the service best suited to protect you and yours?