How to Manage a Successful Restaurant Renovation

Restaurants are difficult businesses to manage. Economic downturns mean that what could be just another Tuesday has been reserved for special occasions only. Narrow profit margins mean that a few slow weeks and suddenly you are in debt. Then there’s the issue of getting people in the door and creating an environment that is so pleasing that guests will want to return again and again, just to show you off to their friends.

Food, of course, must always be excellent.If customers aren’t walking through your door, however, they will never have the chance to enjoy your delicious food or your great service. That’s why you should consider investing in a restaurant renovation:

For the Business Side

There are two main areas that need to be improved every few years. These areas are the kitchen and the bar. Both get a lot of work out of them every single day. If everything in these areas works properly, then it’s time to invest in a deep clean to keep it all up to code and working well in the future. If there are broken elements, get them replaced, and before you call it a day talk to your employees. They use this equipment and space all day long and will know what areas need to be improved for your business to be more efficient.

For the Customer Side

The customer side is all about the design. You want them to feel a certain emotion when they walk through your door. Perhaps fun and excitement at being in such a modern and high-class place. Perhaps you want them to feel at home like they are in their favorite diner. From retro, to cottage-country, to high-class, there are so many design styles you can go for, but when you are deciding which look to invest in, double check with others it works with the mood you are trying to create.

Keep Things Simple

Be prepared for everything to either be broken or stolen. In fact, if it isn’t bolted down in some way expect it to be taken at one point or another. From candy dishes to bathroom soap dispensers. By keeping it simple you can easily replace these items as necessary (though you should invest in a strong adhesive to glue decorations down).

Fit New Signs

Restaurants need to be seen from the road. People who are driving along a strip to see what looks interesting, should not only have no problem with seeing your sign and your restaurant, they should also like what they see enough to warrant them pulling in and checking out your menu. To ensure that passersby do want to give your restaurant a second glance, work with professionals to create beautiful illuminated signs that will get you noticed and get people talking.

Clean Up Your Curb Appeal

If your paint is peeling away outside, sand it down and then repaint. If your building needs a refresh, rent a power washer and get to work. Get a gardener in to create an urban flower display and get your employees on board to maintain them once a week, so that you have a restaurant that people will love to check out.

Though a renovation is no guarantee your restaurant will be a success, it is a great marketing move that will get people talking. Just follow up with great food, great drinks, and great service.