Dan DeKoter – Methods for Selecting the Right Attorney to Represent You

If you ever need an attorney it will probably mean that you are in a really tough situation. Perhaps you in a car accident and are either the victim or the one that caused the accident.  Maybe you’re going through a divorce from your wife or husband of many years. There might be kids involved, property and she don’t want to lose, and other assets that have a lot of value. Maybe you were in your home in Osceola County, Iowa and got injured using a product, and believe that you have a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Or perhaps you are being sued by business partner who feels that you miss used company funds. Any of these scenarios are great challenges, made even more challenging because of the emotional aspects attached. These emotional aspects add to the difficulty of selecting an attorney.

To pick a great attorney for your case like Dan DeKoter, you need to be clear thinking and logical in your approach. If you are going through this difficult task of needing and having to select an attorney, here’s a set of guidelines that may help you at this difficult time.

Do your homework

Doing your homework means researching any attorney you might be interested in hiring.  The ways that you can research an attorney include:

  1. Checking with your state’s bar association to make sure that the attorney is in good standing.
  2. Scouring the internet to look for any positive or negative information about the attorney, his practices, and what former and present clients are saying about him or her.
  3. Asking friends and family about any attorneys they might have used where they had a positive outcome. This word of mouth is a great way to find an attorney who might be the right one for you.

Interview more than one attorney

You should always interview more than one attorney for your case. Not all attorneys are the same, have the same level of skill, oh look at your case the same way. Some might think that you do not have a good case at all, while others might feel that they can get you the outcome you would like easily. The only way to find out is to interview several attorneys.

Make sure the attorney has experience in your kind of case

The best way to ensure that you will get a favorable outcome is by selecting an attorney who has a proven track record and getting positive outcomes in your type of case. Attorneys typically specialize in the types of cases on which they focus. Some attorneys are great at getting settlements, while others are graded class action lawsuits, well some excel at court cases. You need to understand what the attorneys that you are speaking with do well and what they do not do well.

Similarly you want to make sure that the attorney is expert in your type of case. Many attorneys focus on a broad range of cases yet they really only have expertise in a few types of cases. For example an attorney might say that they work in the area of personal injury, but their primary focus might actually be medical malpractice. If you have a slip-and-fall case, this Law Firm might take on those cases, but they might not be as effective for you. Make sure that you hire an attorney that spends the majority of their time on your specific type of case. This guarantees you the best representation.

Make sure you communicate well with the attorney

Any case that you start will likely take a very long time to reach a conclusion period during that time you’ll spend hours in communication with your attorney period what is critically important is that you have the type of relationship with your attorney that allows you to feel comfortable, to get the answers that you need, and to always know that you are headed in the right direction with your case. The foundation for all of this is a great relationship with your lawyer. You need to feel that he is always on your side and that the two of you can have intimate conversations about your case, where things are, how you feeling, and even life in general. This will make all the difference in the outcome of your case.