Geoffrey Morell: Alternative Medicine Options that More Western People are Trying

Traditional medicine is the default set of procedures that the vast majority of people turn to when they are ill. This will entail going to Medical Doctors, traditional hospitals or clinics, and using medicines provided by the traditional pharmaceutical industry.

To become a medical doctors there a long list of requirements in terms of their training. They must secure a bachelor degree, then go to medical school which will take four years, they then must do residency at a hospital where they interact with patients and practice diagnosing and treating them. By the time the medical doctor is practicing he’s gone through a long series of challenges that most cannot get through. As a result, he can certainly be considered an expert in his field. For this reason the vast majority of the population respects and trust medical doctors.

There are however alternatives to traditional medical doctors. Most people don’t realize that medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and during almost the entire time that medicine has been practice, it has been done utilizing what today would be considered non-traditional medical techniques. These techniques or practice and every part of the world today, but they are now considered alternative medicine.

This is not give an indication of the viability for efficacy of alternative medicine techniques. In fact mini alternative medicine techniques are now considered mainstream medicine. And many of the herbs and other medicines used in some alternative medicine practices now forming Foundation for some of the most popular traditional medicine drugs.

Here are two of the top alternative medicine therapies that are growing in the west:

Faith and Energy healing

Faith in energy healing are two of the oldest forms of Medicine. If we look back too many ancient civilizations we will find that they had a strong belief that there was an energy field surrounding everything, and that certain individuals could tap into this energy field and spirit in order to heal individuals who are ill. The goal of a faith or energy healer like Geoffrey Morell is to unblock certain areas of the body or the body’s energy field, thereby causing Good energy to flow again end ending any illness.

There are Faith and energy Healers on every continent and many people have found great relief from them. This type of medicine is very controversial. Many traditional doctors say that it is not real medicine, and that those that do find medical relief are only drawing this conclusion, based on their feelings rather than true science. However, there have been many scientific studies done on faith and energy healing, and there is conclusive evidence, that it is a real medical therapy. And its connection to spiritualty and positive energy continues to attract people in the west.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is arguably the oldest form of medicine still practice today. Ayurveda has its roots in ancient India where local Physicians relied upon their surroundings and their understanding of the workings of the human body to create medicines and Therapies. The system works on the concept of roots, herbs plants, and flowers being to balance the body’s internal functions and energy. Doctors do a thorough examination of a patient to understand his personality and energy, there’s also a discussion to determine any symptoms the patient may have. From this examination the doctor will determine which mixture of medicines to provide. The goal is to strengthen certain areas of the body so that it can repair itself. This holistic approach to Medicine now permeates traditional medicine and many Ayurveda medicines and approaches are being utilized everywhere in the western world.