4 Places You Need Some Climate Control

It is the human situation to be uncomfortable with an environment outside of a fairly narrow range of climate conditions. We complain a lot about this discomfort all of the time. The range of temperatures that we all want to be in is a pretty small pocket. And if it’s too damn or too dry, we start bellyaching as well.

Knowing that, it’s interesting to consider some of the places where climate control is an absolute necessity. Again, fighting against hot weather, cold weather, dry weather, and damp weather is going to be a constant battle. You might as well decide what equipment, processes, and attitudes to bring to the table.

Hot Weather

When it comes to hot weather, your ultimate enemy is going to be heatstroke on a personal level or equipment failure on a conditional level. People die from heat. Equipment explodes or shuts down when it gets too hot. In hot places, climate control is an absolute necessity. That’s why you need central air in places like Florida. That’s why you need air conditioning in Phoenix. Hot weather can be absolutely brutal, and especially in areas with denser populations, the effect of heat can be cumulative.

Cold Weather

And then we come to cold weather. Without some structure around you, it is quite viable to freeze to death or get extremely ill if you can’t keep the temperature above a certain level. Yes, you should learn how to bundle up against the cold, but people forget how crucial it is to survival to have a furnace in good working shape if you’re living in a cold environment. Anywhere that it gets below freezing, you need to have that furnace working so that basic housing appliances still work, and your pipes don’t freeze either.

Dry Weather

Dry weather can be extremely uncomfortable as well. Energy levels go down. Lips get chapped. Life feels like sandpaper. That’s why, if you’re living in a dry geographical region, buying a humidifier is a simple way to help alleviate some of the discomforts. Humidifiers are typically very inexpensive, but they make a huge difference in comfort level especially in small rooms.

Damp Weather

And then the other extreme is damp weather. If you live somewhere that it’s constantly raining, then moisture is going to just seep into everything. To prevent sickness, disease, discomfort, and damage, you need to make sure all of the openings from the inside of your environment to the outside are sealed. Typically this means checking around all the windows and doors to make sure no seals are broken and also checking around the structural bottom of your home and in basements. If you see any areas that are continually wet, you might notice that mold tends to grow their or other structural elements can be damaged.