4 Reasons To Get To Your Nearest Bonworth

For all of the ladies out there that have never visited a Bonworth store this is a call to action that all of you should heed. Until 6 months ago I must confess that I had never been myself to a Bonworth store but when they opened up a new branch here in Henderson, NC, I couldn’t resist having sneak peak. I was absolutely blown away by the shopping experience which I had here at Bonworth and here are just 4 reasons why I recommend that you get to your nearest store with haste.


The first day that I visited I thought that all of the discounts and promotional savings on offer were because it had just launched but it turns out that these are happening all of the time. Even if you forget about the fabulous offers and promotions which you can find here, the prices themselves are very competitive and very reasonable. Get to Bonworth and enjoy the sales, the discounts and the low prices.


I always find it refreshing in this day and age when you find a company which really values the ethical side of the business. COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has done exactly this with Bonworth and it is a company which sources the materials for its clothes responsibly, as well as doing a great deal for feminism. The majority of the staff here are females and that is something which all of us can get behind.


Speaking of the female staff I must mention them in this piece because they are absolutely amazing and incredibly helpful. What I can clearly see here is that the staff are happy in their jobs and that is why they are always a star with me when I go in to the store. What I love in particular is that the staff have a real passion for their job here, which can be seen in the way that they interact with customers.

Mother and Daughter

Because of the huge range of styles on offer here this is a perfect place for you to go shopping with your daughter. Far too many times am I waiting around the trendy stores which never have anything in my size, whilst my daughter selects all of the clothing she wants, before repaying the favor in a store which is more of my style. Bonworth however is clearly aimed at the mother and daughter market and they do so very well indeed. In many cases my daughter and I only go to the North Carolina branch of Bonworth and we can normally get enough there that there really isn’t any need to go elsewhere.

I cannot review this store more positively if I tried and I would urge you to go to your nearest Bonworth store as soon as possible so that you can see exactly what I am talking about.