5 Top Offline Marketing Ideas for Start-ups

You may think that digital marketing is the only way a start-up can get results. Digital marketing seems to be the most cost-effective strategy for a small business without much of a marketing budget. But digital marketing is not the only effective marketing solution. Offline marketing tactics can enhance digital marketing and even stand alone successfully. Take a look at these offline marketing ideas and see which ones you can use to give your start-up marketing a boost.

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1. Eye-Catching Business Cards

Many people overlook business card printing for marketing purposes. All too often a business card is an uninspiring second thought. But you can really make yourself stand out with a highly creative business card. Take care over your design and the quality of the printing so that you can hand out your business cards with pride, knowing that you are enhancing the company’s image.

2. Printed Marketing Collateral

Don’t overlook marketing opportunities like brochure printing, leaflet printing, and flyer printing. You may think these tactics are old-fashioned in the era of the internet, but plenty of people still value brochures, booklets, and flyers as a way of getting valuable information. Plus, brochure printing is an extremely cost effective way to produce something lasting. You can also use printed stickers, look into how printing companies can help you create a set of marketing materials, and turn plain flyers into works of art.

3. Effective Outdoor Advertising

Banners are highly versatile. You can meet so many of your marketing aims with banners. They can be used for a variety of purposes from advertising at trade shows to putting banners in high-traffic locations. Make sure that your banners are bold and bright, and that they effectively transmit your chosen message. Choose your location wisely too, for the best footfall.

4. Go to Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are ideal for making contacts and talking to people about your company and your brand. You may be there to sell or simply to showcase your services. Trade shows should not be overlooked when it comes to offline marketing methods.

5. Be an Expert

Showcase your company and your expertise by putting yourself forward as an expert in your field. You get to talk to people about your company and you usually don’t have to pay for it. Offer advice, ideas, and help – when people come to you, sell your company but do it subtly.

Image: Image courtesy of photostock/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net