6 Tips to Boost Your Appetite and Get the Nutrients You Need

Have you been struggling to gain some weight, and at the same time you’re not feeling hungry at all? Do not worry you are in the right place because we’re about to discuss a number of ways you can be able to solve your problem. Lack of appetite can be caused by my things such as: stress, anxiety and illness. However you can still be able to increase it by changing the way you eat.

  1. Do not skip the breakfast

This is the most essential meal in a day. A well balanced breakfast gives your body the energy to kick-start your day after a long night. This helps your body to be more active during the day and therefore increases your appetite.

Wholegrain cereals, yoghurt and fruits can be a good option for healthy breakfast meal. To increase your calorie intake, you can spread some peanut butter to your bread.

  1. Take small portions of food frequent

Large amount of food can be a turn off when you have less appetite. It will be a great idea if you can eat less food but more frequently. That means instead of having the normal three meals in a day, you can eat five or six times a day in small portions. As you appetite improves you can also increase the amount of food you are taking.

  1. Have someone to accompany you

Eating food with other people may boost your appetite unlike when you are eating alone. If there is no one to accompany you, try to eat while you are watching the TV. Diverting your attention from the food will help you to eat more.

  1. Eat a healthy snack

Stock your house with healthy snacks such as ripe bananas, oranges, apples and yoghurt. Keep them on the kitchen table or even on the dining table where you can easily see them. A snack can encourage you to eat the main meal if it is taken an hour or two before the meal.

  1. Eat what you like and add spice to your food

Eat only the food you like and don’t eat what you don’t like. Always strive to make the best food ever! Online Recipes are there to help you out as you prepare your favorite food. Adding spice to your food will make it to have a good aroma and whenever you smell nice food you automatically become hungry.

  1. Eat less fiber

Fiber-rich foods such as wholegrain and Weetabix are good and healthy. They however take longer to be processed in the body unlike other types of food and this makes one not to feel hungry for some time. Underweight infants should also not be fed this type of food in order to increase their appetite.

Water is equally important as it helps in digestion of food. It is however advisable not take it when you’re about to eat or when you’re having your meals. All the above tips will help you increase your appetite and incase it doesn’t work it is good you seek doctor’s advice.