6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Profile

If you want to find love, going online and creating a profile is a good way to start. However, too many of us make critical mistakes that might send the wrong message or completely disqualify us as a good mate. Here are a few tips to make the best first impression with your online profile.

Photo by Thechive.com

Photo by Thechive.com

1. Present Yourself in the Best Light

When you start your profile, describe your most visible and best character traits. If you’re funny, outgoing, creative, affectionate or intellectually curious, choose three or four adjectives to best describe such a personality. You can also backup your claims with selfies. Also include what you’re passionate about. Describing your job isn’t enough because you also need to show your passions. For instance, you can say that you care about the environment, or that you like helping others. Such descriptions will attract the type of person you’re looking for.

2. Describe the Character not the Characteristics of Your Perfect Date

In your profile, you should say who you’d like to meet without being overly particular regarding their characteristics. Listing the height, education and hobbies of your ideal partner should be avoided. By focusing on their character, you’re being specific regarding your values. But focusing on their characteristics is risky as you may appear rigid, superficial or too picky.

3. Show People the Real You

When writing about yourself and how you lead your life, ensure that you give readers examples. For instance, if you say that you love traveling, state your ideal vacation, favored travel destinations or your best trip ever. Someone who loves such pastimes is going to be intrigued and will take interest in you.

4. Avoid being Negative and Irritable

It’s amazing the number of people who use their profile to speak about their pet peeves or display their cynicism, pessimism or bitterness. Being negative isn’t sexy and it gives the impression of someone being the actual thing they’re claiming not to want. Stating “drama queens not welcome to apply” makes the reader assume that you’re involved with too much relationship drama, and this means that you’re unaware of the part you play in all of that.

5. Have a Story to Tell

By all means tell a story in your profile, but it shouldn’t be an entire book. A short story capturing your personality is great. It might reveal that you’re an athletic, adventurous and ambitious go-getter or a nerdy but sincere introvert. Or your story might just reveal a bitter and demanding perfectionist. To avoid that, review your profile, pictures and text – and decide how you appear to the rest of the world.

6. Spelling and Grammar is Important

You’d be surprised at the number of people who have profiles with poor spelling and even worse grammar. Be thoughtful and careful when writing your profile, as it is appreciated by other people. Cleaning up your language mistakes takes effort, but is worthwhile. And you can also ask someone to help you out so that you stand out in good light.

Online dating is a wonderful way of finding a lasting relationship. Writing a bio that captures the imagination will help you. So follow the above tips and have fun with your online dating.