Mack Prioleau – How to Know When It Is Time to End a Relationship

Relationships are something which form a very important part of our lives and whilst giving all that you can to a relationship is certainly required, there are times when you need to recognize that you should give up. Understanding when your relationship is over can be tough to decipher and even tougher to accept. In fact I was speaking just last week about this very topic with my friend Mack Prioleau, who like me went through a hard breakup last year. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to breaking up with someone, but here are some of the signs which could suggest that there isn’t much distance left to run.

Little Things

When we are deeply in love with someone we generally look past those little nuances or characteristics which may frustrate us. Once the time comes however that these little things really drive you mad, you can start to see that this is potentially the end of the relationship. The more annoyed that we get with these things, the less accepting we are and that means that there is trouble in the relationship. if you do start to experience these feelings you you need to speak with your partner and try to work out whatever it is that is going on.


Trust is a vital part of any relationship and without it, a relationship simply cannot function. If you have recently grown suspicious of your partner or found yourself checking their phone and questioning where they are and when, it is time to address the health of your relationship. Trust is so important and when that starts to go, so too could the relationship.


If you have found yourself looking at members of the opposite sex more than usual this may also be a sign that you are not fully invested in the relationship. Everyone looks, but when you begin to look at actually consider what it would be like to be with someone else, this should set alarm bells ringing in your head. Anyone that is in a loving relationship will only ever take a glance at someone who is attractive but that will be all, someone who is in a relationship which is failing will take that train of thought much further.


Visualizing what your life would be like without your partner is also a bad sign when it comes to your relationship and if this starts to happen you need to take action. There is no question that when you are single you have more time to yourself, but being in a healthy and loving relationship means that you would never really give this any thought. If your mind has started wandering about what life would be like alone, it could be that your body and mind are already preparing for this prospect.

If you experience any of the signs above it is time to take action and try to fix the relationship before it is too late.