How Modern Day Technology Has Changed Love and Relationships

Modern technology has changed love and relationships for the better and for worse. Of course change and progression is always good but with change comes loss of some of the more old fashioned things in life.

Modern Day Love

Parents often share stories of how they met and how they started dating but it’s nothing like the present day. These days it’s much easier to send messages through text, e-mail, or Facebook when you want to say I love you. Sometimes even a simple emoji with a kiss sends the right message to your loved ones.

Thankfully, there are still a few old fashioned ways to show your love that are still very well alive, such as getting roses delivered to your door.

Colors and their meanings

When planning on sending roses to your loved ones be sure to put some thought into the type and color of the flower. While roses are known to be romantic, every color has a different meaning.

  • Red means I love you, means desire and passion
  • White is for the love of your life (eternal love)
  • Yellow is for friendship
  • Pink is for happiness
  • Combining red and white means unity or togetherness

The Little Details

At the end of the day, sending flowers has much more to it than just picking the flower. You can give a much more meaningful or creative gesture simply by adding small details such as a nice decorative box, wrapping paper or even a card with a special message. Remember that details can really make the difference.

Count your roses

There is an old superstition that says the number of flowers given to your loved one have a meaning.

  • One rose means love at first sight.
  • Two roses means mutual love
  • Six roses means I want to be yours
  • Ten roses means perfection
  • Fifteen roses can mean I’m sorry
  • Twenty or more roses can mean I’m totally dedicated to you, my love is for you, big spender, maybe even a promotion or celebration

As I said this is just an old superstition and sending flowers will always be thought of as a thoughtful and wonderful gift for a loved one.